EA reportedly has multiple Star Wars games on development along with Jedi Fallen Order sequel

Multiple Star Wars games are in development (Image via NME)
Multiple Star Wars games are in development (Image via NME)
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Star Wars fans have some great news coming their way with the turn of the New Year. If community rumors are to be believed, several games from the iconic science-fiction series could be released in the next few years.

Star Wars games have been in the news for right and wrong reasons. The controversy with the paid DLC that has caused a lot of fury in the gaming community is unforgettable.


With time on their hands, EA will hope to right the earlier wrongs, and fans will certainly expect that the next few releases will meet the fans' demands. Given Star Wars video games' track record in the past, different games will be based on other canons of the main story.

Several Star Wars games are in the making, including a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order

With Star Wars not getting a new game in 2021, fans wondered - what's next? With the start of the new year, gaming insiders have reported on multiple projects that EA seems to be working on related to the Star Wars franchise.

Jedi: Fallen Order sequel is being developed

Jedi: Fallen Order has found good footing among Star Wars and general gaming fans since its release. Since its 2019 release, fans have enjoyed playing the game, and it was well expected that EA would be working on a sequel to the game.

I reached out to a few people regarding all the information that came out on Star Wars this week (unfortunately I don't know about LEGO Star Wars).But the dates on the Jedi: Fallen Order by @JeffGrubb are accurate - But like him, I wouldn't be surprised if it gets pushed to 23.

This has now been confirmed as per inside information. Although many of the actual details remain to be revealed, the game is expected to be released sometime in 2023. However, there could be delays so that fans can hope for a late 2023 release at the earliest.

EA is possibly working on a second Star Wars title

Alongside the sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order, EA seems to be working on a second Star Wars game. Very little is known about the game at this point, but it's widely expected that the game will be single-player focussed with a good story in the backdrop.

And like with what @BespinBulletin said - It appears that EA is working on a second Star Wars title, but I wasn't able to get more information. However, it appears to be story-driven/single-player focused (from Nov 21) -…

No news on Lego Star Wars

While the set of news will greatly delight Star Wars fans, there's no fresh news on Lego Star Wars. Over the years, there have been good receptions for the block-building game. However, it's not to say that there's no game in the making, and it could be quite possible that there will be a Lego Star Wars game in the future.

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