Every user of One for All and their quirks up to My Hero Academia chapter 339

The Vestiges of One for All (Image via Studio Bones)
The Vestiges of One for All (Image via Studio Bones)

One for All (OFA) is perhaps the most discussed and most important quirk in My Hero Academia. Not only is it unique by nature, but it is also the core of the story, the singular point that drives the plot forward.

With protagonist Izuku Midoriya being the Ninth User of One for All, here is a list of all the Users or Holders of One for All before Midoriya that have been disclosed up to My Hero Academia chapter 339.

[This article contains spoilers from the manga.]

One for All users from the First to the Ninth

One for All is a stockpile quirk, which accumulates strength over time and releases it after some point. It provides enhanced strength, reflexes, speed, and durability to its user. One for All’s most unique feature is that it is a transferable quirk. One for All can be transferred via ingesting the current Holder’s DNA, but it cannot be taken without the Holder’s will. However, it can be forcefully given.

This article will only consider the Holders in terms of their position regarding One for All and not their importance in My Hero Academia series as a whole.

Additionally, while the movies are approved by Horikoshi, he has very deliberately made no space in the canon timeline for them. Therefore, Bakugou’s brief possession of One for All in the second movie is not canonically accepted, and he is not considered as one of the users of One for All so far in the manga.

First User: Yoichi Shigaraki

The First User of One for All was Yoichi Shigaraki, the younger brother of All for One (AFO). At the height of his prime, AFO forcefully gave a Stockpile Quirk to his seemingly quirk-less younger brother. Unbeknownst to everyone, Yoichi did have a quirk, an unnamed quirk that enabled him to transfer his quirk to someone else by exchanging DNA.

The Stockpile Quirk and the unnamed Transfer Quirk fused within him to give birth to One for All. Yoichi had been a captive of his brother’s until he was rescued by the Second User of One for All.

Second and Third Users

So far, Horikoshi has barely given us any information on the Second and Third Users of One for All besides how they look. They were leaders of the group of people who rebelled against AFO when he was in his prime, and they rescued Yoichi from his captivity. Yoichi had a particularly good relationship with the Second User of One for All. Both Users were roughly of the same age, and likely older than Yoichi.

It has been widely theorized after the silhouette of the Second User was revealed that he might be an adult Katsuki Bakugou who has somehow traveled back to the past.

Many fans had hoped that this theory had finally been disproved when the faces of the Users were revealed. But later, during the Midoriya Retrieval segment, the Second User seemed to know when Bakugou and the rest of Class 1-A would appear. This fact once again gave rise to the theory.

The Third User possessed the quirk Fa Jin, which allows the User to store kinetic energy by repeating a motion and then releasing it in a burst of speed and strength. The Second User’s original quirk has not been divulged as of yet.

Fourth User: Hikage Shinomori

Hikage Shinomori had the quirk Danger Sense, which allowed him to sense any danger or mal-intent in his immediate vicinity. He lived during AFO’s reign of chaos, and at the age of 22 he inherited One for All, along with the mission to defeat AFO, from the Third User.

Aware that he could not accomplish the mission, Hikage retired into seclusion and cultivated One for All to strengthen it for the future generations. When his body started to rapidly break down at the age of 40, he had to transfer One for All to Daigoro.

Fifth User: Daigoro Banjo

Daigoro Banjo was the real name of pro hero Lariat, who possessed the quirk Blackwhip, arguably the strongest quirk in One for All repertoire, which extended tendrils of Black energy from his wrists. Daigoro was something of a disciple of Hikage’s and inherited One for All from him.

He had tried to fight AFO, but was defeated, although his willpower kept AFO from stealing One for All from him. As he was trapped under some rubble, he extended an injured hand to his junior, En, who consumed some of his blood in order to inherit One for All. Daigoro was killed shortly afterwards by AFO.

Sixth User: En

En was Daigoro’s junior colleague, and not much is known about his personal details. He possessed the quirk Smokescreen, which allowed him to produce clouds of smoke that could obscure vision.

En was also hunted down and killed by AFO, and his strong willpower kept AFO from stealing One for All once again. Before his death, he gave some of his hair to Nana Shimura to pass on One for All to her. En looks to be the youngest Holder of One for All before Izuku Midoriya inherited it.

Seventh User: Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura was a pro hero with the quirk Float, which allowed her to lift herself up into the air and navigate it. After inheriting One for All, Nana had encountered a strange dream, which we now know to be a Vestige dream. Nana is the only female Holder of One for All and the only Holder to have a family, which she had to leave in order to protect it.

Nana met and trained Toshinori Yagi when he was in high school, later passing One for All onto him. She was later killed by AFO, and one of her hands was given to her grandson, Tenko Shimura aka Tomura Shigaraki.

Eighth User: Toshinori Yagi

Toshinori Yagi, or the pro hero All Might, is the User to keep One for All for the longest, holding One for All for 40 years, and this is attributed to him being quirk-less. Toshinori was given One for All by Nana Shimura after he disclosed his dream to be a symbol of peace to her. after Nana’s death at AFO’s hands, Toshinori had left Japan to train.

Upon his return, he had finally confronted AFO, becoming the first One for All User to defeat him. However, Toshinori gets severely injured, damaging his stomach and parts of his respiratory system. This forces him to look for a successor, which he finds in Midoriya Izuku.

Ninth User: Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya was born quirk-less, like Toshinori, and went on to inherit One for All in a similar fashion. Additionally, Midoriya can access all of the quirks of the previous Users of One for All, and frequently gets dreams where he encounters the Vestiges of previous Users.

Currently, Midoriya can use One for All Full Cowl at 45%, along with the quirks Blackwhip, Smokescreen, Danger Sense, Fa Jin, and Float. It is undisclosed as of yet whether he can use the Second User’s quirk.

Final thoughts

As Midoriya had deduced, One for All is a quirk that overwhelms and destroys a body that already has a Quirk. One for All is meant for quirk-less people like Toshinori and Midoriya, as proven by Toshinori comfortably holding it for 40 years.

Since the society in My Hero Academia is producing fewer and fewer quirk-less children, it is quite possible that Midoriya is the last User of One for All, and will have no one to pass it to.

With the manga entering the final war, Midoriya is all set to face AFO and Shigaraki, and in order to win, he would need to master all of the quirks that One for All gifts him with. Hopefully, My Hero Academia chapter 340 will give us more answers regarding One for All and how Midoriya is going to master it.

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