5 things to expect from My Hero Academia chapter 340

Class 1-A in chapter 338 (Image Via Shounen Jump, Coloring by CCMac_Arts)
Class 1-A in chapter 338 (Image Via Shounen Jump, Coloring by CCMac_Arts)

With the unofficial scans of chapter 339 already out, fans are eagerly awaiting My Hero Academia chapter 340. There are a few questions that need to be answered in chapter 340, as well as many reunions and confrontations that have been hinted at.

With the official scan of chapter 339 slated to come out on Monday, now is a good time to review what we can expect from My Hero Academia chapter 340.

Disclaimer: The article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 339.

5 things fans can expect to happen in My Hero Academia chapter 340

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According to the unofficial scans of chapter 339, the manga is moving into the Second War properly from My Hero Academia chapter 340. With different fronts operating in different locations, we can expect a multifaceted final war, with many important battles taking place simultaneously.

But before the final battle between Shigaraki and Midoriya takes place, My Hero Academia chapter 340 is expected to elaborate on a few things.

1) Reveal of Aizawa’s plan

#mha338No words just Aizawa making me emotional :') <3<3<3<3<3<3

In chapter 338, Aizawa came up with a plan to use Aoyama’s connection to AFO. Everyone present seemed shocked at this plan, and Inspector Tsukauchi further said that they would need to check out and secure quite a few locales for this tactic to be executed.

The TCBScans translation of chapter 339 shows All Might reporting to someone that all the preparations for the back-up plan are complete. It is unclear if he means Aizawa’s plan, but it is the most likely conclusion.

We can expect to see either an elaboration of this plan or its effect in My Hero Academia chapter 340. It has also been mentioned by some fans that Aizawa might be involving Shinsou in his tactic.

2) More information on the Second and the Third users of OFA

#MHASpoilers #bnha340 #mha340According the manga, every quirk has the conscience of their original users, with that on mind maybe you may have asked this.Where's the vestige of Power Stockpiling quirk into One For All?After thinking it twice, I think I have a solid answer.

Since Midoriya mentioned in chapter 338 that he needed to enhance all the quirks that OFA gave him, it seems to be a logical conclusion that we will soon see him mastering the quirks of the Second and the Third Users of OFA as well.

However, nothing other than their faces and their first meeting with Yoichi Shigaraki is known to the readers. My Hero Academia chapter 340 might feature another of Deku’s meetings with the vestiges.

#bnha337 #mha337Another chapter of bakugou not beating the 2nd user allegations

The names and quirks of the two users are expected to be revealed this time. Most readers also expect that My Hero Academia chapter 340 will finally put the “Bakugou is the Second User of OFA” theory to rest. However, with the way Horikoshi has been confirming all My Hero Academia fan theories lately, it might just be verified instead.

3) Shigaraki’s final form

#mha337Oh man the fact that this line is on this panel and Spinner looks pissed...oofShig hang in there dude. You got friends I promise.

Since a week has passed since Shigaraki’s fight with Star and Stripe, his modification should be complete by now. Shigaraki was last seen writhing in pain in chapter 337, still recovering from the damage that New Order had dealt him.

Hopefully, My Hero Academia chapter 340 will reveal the fully modified form of Shigaraki, and we might also get to see the forces the villains have assembled.

4) Uraraka’s encounter with Toga

Horikoshi's message from Jump Festa 2022 summary:-Manga will finish in about 1 year if things go smoothly-Bakugou will have a huge role to play-Toga & Ochako will have a confrontation scene-Shigaraki is Deku's greatest obstacle- will he be able to save him?#MHA #BNHA

In Jump Festa 2022, Horikoshi has stated that Uraraka will have another confrontation with Toga. She was last seen in chapter 337 in the background, standing near Dabi.

After Twice’s death, she had already confronted Uraraka once. Given the recent spotlight on Uraraka, there could be another confrontation between them in My Hero Academia chapter 340. Some readers have speculated that this might lead to a development in the relationship between Midoriya and Uraraka.

5) Dabi’s confrontation with Endeavor and Todoroki Shouto

Love how Dabi just casually converses with one of the most infamous villains in history. It's within his character to feel least unsettled by Shigaraki's situation & thus he serves as a good narrator/interviewer on behalf of the audience now.#MyHeroAcadamia337 #ShadzMHA #MHA337

Speaking of confrontations, Dabi has been shown to be aching for a fight with his father since chapter 335. Ever since his identity as Touya Todoroki was revealed, Horikoshi has been setting up this confrontation.

However, Endeavor has been absent for the last few chapters. When All Might is reporting about the preparations in Chapter 339, he is accompanied by Hawks.

With that being said, Horikoshi showed Todoroki Shouto’s progress alongside Bakugou in chapter 335 with the explicit comment that this will help him fight Dabi. This has led fans to expect that My Hero Academia chapter 340 will feature the confrontation between the estranged family members, aka the “Todoroki Family Brawl.”

Final thoughts

Best Girl has entered the Competition#mha339 | #BNHA339

Since nothing can be said for certain as to the release date of My Hero Academia chapter 340, fans must wait for chapter 339 for any confirmation. My Hero Academia chapter 339 is slated for an official release on 3 January 2021, Monday, and can be read for free on and Manga Plus.

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