What does the U.A. traitor reveal segment say about Midoriya’s evolution in My Hero Academia chapter 337?

Midoriya has subtle developments in My Hero Academia chapter 337 (Image Via Studio Bones)
Midoriya has subtle developments in My Hero Academia chapter 337 (Image Via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia chapter 337 is the third chapter in the ongoing U.A. Traitor Reveal segment. It is unclear whether this is part of the Tartarus Escapees Arc or if My Hero Academia manga has entered a new arc. Still, the U.A. traitor reveal was the most unexpected and sensational development in recent My Hero Academia history.

Much attention has been lavished on the Bait and Switch, which Mangaka Horikoshi Kohei pulled off regarding the U.A. traitor reveal and the partial reveal of Hagakure’s face in My Hero Academia chapter 337. However, readers have noticed/speculated about the developments or lack thereof in the character and quirk of Izuku Midoriya.

What My Hero Academia chapter 337 means for development of Midoriya’s quirk and character following U.A. traitor reveal

In My Hero Academia chapter 337, Midoriya Izuku confronts Aoyama Yuga about the latter’s status as the U.A. traitor. Midoriya is visibly shaken, yet he was prepared to take on Aoyama as he shot his Navel Laser at Midoriya, even if Hagakure had not intervened.

Midoriya then takes Aoyama to the authorities and later counters Aoyama’s claim of being a rotten villain. Characteristically, Midoriya proclaims that no one should be condemned as a villain for a single crime and that Aoyama can still be a hero.

With that, Midoriya extends a hand to Aoyama in My Hero Academia chapter 337.

Development of his quirk shown during U.A. traitor reveal

Midoriya was prepared to use One for All in some capacity to counter Aoyama’s attack in My Hero Academia chapter 337, possibly Full Cowl or Smokescreen. However, his use of Blackwhip when he captures Aoyama and his parents is not only smooth but seems instinctive.

It seems that Midoriya has internalized Blackwhip and can now use it to restrain or bind people without too much effort. Blackwhip also seems more stable, and its reach seems to have increased much more than when Midoriya had used it back during the Paranormal Liberation War arc against Shigaraki.

His stint as a vigilante seems to have provided Midoriya with countless opportunities to understand and internalize his quirks better.

Development of the character

As soon as the U.A. traitor was revealed and Midoriya was shown to head that way, fans speculated that Midoriya would forgive Aoyama and help him redeem himself. My Hero Academia chapter 337 did not disappoint.

Midoriya did indeed extend his hand towards Aoyama after the latter’s reveal as the U.A. traitor, telling him that he can become a hero as well. However, Midoriya is not just a kind, naive person anymore. As Bakugou Katsuki realizes, he had some sort of plan.

The most plausible theory that fans have come up with is that Midoriya is trying to get Aoyama to play double agent. The latter can then either inform them about everything he knows about AFO or carry out his last order about Isolating Midoriya to set a trap for the villains.

Even though Midoriya cries as he confronts Aoyama, understanding the latter perfectly, he seems to have lost some of the innocence and bravado he previously had. When he plans to use Aoyama’s situation to the heroes’ advantage, he shows a worldly awareness that probably comes from his experience with people like Lady Nagant.

All in all, Midoriya is more shrewd in My Hero Academia chapter 337 than he was before.

In conclusion

Even though we see the developments of Bakugou and Todoroki more than others, mangaka Horikoshi has put in Midoriya’s developments in a subtle but clear way in My Hero Academia chapter 337 following the U.A. traitor reveal.

Hopefully, more such developments will be found in My Hero Academia chapter 338. Chapter 337 can be read on Viz.com and Manga Plus.

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