My Hero Academia Season 6: What to expect

Midoriya Izuku aka Deku using OFA (Image via
Midoriya Izuku aka Deku using OFA (Image via

With My Hero Academia season 5 having come to an end and season 6 being confirmed, anime fans are already buzzing with theories.

Predictions have already started pouring in for what's in store for season 6.

Fortunately for us, season 5 has more clues than Hawk's highlighted edition of Destro's autobiography. Let us dissect them and make some well-educated guesses about where the sixth season of the series might be headed.

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Speculations for season six of My Hero Academia

The true nature of One for All


Ever since the sports tournament arc of My Hero Academia, there have been clues hinting that One for All is more than just a super-strength quirk, and the preview at the end of season 4 confirmed our suspicions.

Season 5 reveals how One for All's true nature is something completely different from what we had originally expected. It is a sort of stockpiling quirk, where instead of storing up energy or stress, it stores up quirks of the successor who inherits the One for All quirk.


For Toshinori Yagi and Midoriya Izuku, both being quirkless, One for All acted like a strength quirk. However, other previous holders had their own innate quirks seared into One for All as well.


All for One's associate Doctor Garaki's Quirk Singularity theory is a revelation as it explains how these quirks become stronger over time as they move on from generation to generation. This was visible when Izuku's latest quirk Black Whip went berserk.


Toshinori also reveals that Izuku must start training to control and use other quirks that would start manifesting soon. This suggests that we will see the latter use a bunch of different quirks in season 6, possibly by increasing the percentage of One for All's power.

Re-Destro's defeat at Shigaraki's hands


Shigaraki Tomura's victory against Re-Destro is a critical turning point not only for the League of Villains but for the storyline of My Hero Academia as a whole. While it is still unclear how Hawks obtained the information on the Meta Liberation Army, but being a spy, it isn't surprising that he has his sources.

In fact, in the second ending sequence of My Hero Academia season 4, it is hinted that Hawks was likely trained at some special facility.

Bottom right: Hawks undergoing quirk training in the MHA season 4 ED 2 (Image via YouTube)
Bottom right: Hawks undergoing quirk training in the MHA season 4 ED 2 (Image via YouTube)

But in the hands of an even stronger Shigaraki Tomura, the newly christened Paranormal Liberation Army will likely be an even more terrifying force to be reckoned with.

With U.A. students being mobilized as heroes in the field and trained at hero agencies, there is the uneasy foreshadowing of something massive approaching.

It would not be wrong to suspect season 6 of My Hero Academia will introduce what is commonly known as the "War arc" among manga readers of the series.

Deku, Bakugou and Todoroki's teamwork

Deku, Bakugou and Todoroki (Image via
Deku, Bakugou and Todoroki (Image via

One big development in My Hero Academia season 5 was the relationship between Deku, Bakugou Katsuki and Todoroki Shoto. While all three were striving to be strong heroes, it was more of a solo venture rather than a team effort.

Their stint at the Endeavor Agency is when they seem to figure out a rhythm for working together in professional and even personal capacities (watching Bakugou angrily asking for a tofu recipe from Shoto's sister Fuyumi was a treat in itself.)


The second opening of season 5 shows the three of them walking around the crumbling debris of a destroyed city. It would make sense to expect more teamwork from the trio in the future, probably from season 6 of My Hero Academia itself.

Kurogiri's true identity


Perhaps one of the most surprising instances in My Hero Academia season 5 was the real identity of the villain Kurogiri. Kurogiri, who My Hero Academia fans have known until now as Shigaraki's handler and protector, was revealed to be Oboro Shirakumo, Aizawa and Present Mic's classmate who had died in an accident in their second year at U.A. as students.

Earlier, at the end of season 4, Endeavor's fight against the modified nomu led to the assumption that the League of Villains were running experiments to grant nomus multiple quirks as well as intelligence.

It was revealed that All For One had collected Shirakumo's body and created Kurogiri out of it. Thus effectively classifying the warping villain as a nomu. Furthermore, All for One used Shirakumo's loyal and caring nature to create a caretaker for Shigaraki.

Kurogiri introduces himself to Aizawa and Present Mic (Image via Pinterest)
Kurogiri introduces himself to Aizawa and Present Mic (Image via Pinterest)

While we do not have any more concrete clues, it would not be too far-fetched to expect more nomus to appear in the series in the near future.

Concluding thoughts

My Hero Academia Anime Season 6 Officially Confirmed!Shiggy’s line: “I'll destroy everything”Middle line: “The war between heroes and villains is approaching"Deku’s line: “I'll use everything I have to stop you"

My Hero Academia season 5 was like the calm before a storm. Being mostly an expositional barrage, the fifth season prepares us for everything that is about to go down.

It is a known fact that the series has taken a much darker turn in the manga and since any major canon divergence is unlikely, the anime will probably take the same route.

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