4 classmates that Kirishima can beat in My Hero Academia (and 4 he cannot)

The Sturdy Hero is not one to go down easily (Image via Bones Inc.)
The Sturdy Hero is not one to go down easily (Image via Bones Inc.)

Kirishima is a tough fighter in My Hero Academia, which is why his classmates would have difficulty cracking him.

While he isn't on the level of Bakugo or Todoroki, Kirishima is still a formidable combatant in Class 1-A. Only a select few peers could break past his defenses. His protective Quirk allows him to harden his body, to the point that he can shrug off extremely powerful attacks.

Of course, Kirishima is not without his weaknesses. For every classmate he can easily dispatch, there is another who can do the same to him. The following article will contain a few manga spoilers, so keep that in mind. These matchups are based on their current power levels.

4 classmates that Kirishima has a good chance of defeating in My Hero Academia

4) Rikido Sato


It's safe to say that Sato is a very underwhelming character in My Hero Academia. His Sugar Rush Quirk gives him extra power, yet it has a detrimental side effect of reducing his brain capacity.

Kirishima could easily tank his attacks by using the super move Unbreakable, which hardens his skin to 100%. Sato would probably exhaust himself, making him vulnerable to a Red Counter attack.

3) Mashirao Ojiro


Ojiro is a very basic fighter by My Hero Academia standards. All he really does is use his tail with some martial art techniques.

Unfortunately for him, he lacks any flashy moves that could overwhelm Kirishima. Ojiro loses for the same reason that Sato loses. None of these fighters have the attack power to get through Kirishima's strongest form, Unbreakable. Kirishima would probably win if he used his Red Gauntlet gut punch.

2) Denki Kaminari


This match could easily go either way, since Kaminari has a lot of voltage attack power. His Electrification Quirk gives him long range capabilities that Kirishima lacks. However, if Kaminari uses his million volts technique, his brain will short circuit, which leaves him completely defenseless.

Kirishima would have to outlast Kaminari long enough to win this match. His Unbreakable super move could potentially be a deciding factor, since it gives Kirishima a few seconds of invulnerability.

1) Mina Ashido


Kirishima has a very interesting relationship with Ashido, who inspired him to become a better person after she dealt with a few bullies. This would be quite the intriguing matchup in My Hero Academia.

This is not going to be an easy match for Kirishima, considering Ashido outspeeds him at every turn. Her Acid Quirk also has the potential to do some real damage. With that said, Kirishima was able to withstand several explosions from Bakugo. It's highly unlikely that Ashido has more attack power than he does.

Kirishima has a decided advantage in attacking power. If he were to hit Ashido with a Red Counter, she may go down within an instant. She isn't particularly well known for her durability in My Hero Academia.

4 classmates that Kirishima has no chance of beating in My Hero Academia

4) Ochaco Uraraka


Uraraka is a rather unique fighter, given that she can bypass Kirishima's defenses quite easily. She also has the skills and techniques to dodge his attacks. All she has to do is simply touch him to activate her Quirk, Zero Gravity.

If Kirishima were to get hit, he would be stuck in the air indefinitely. Due to his lack of long range attacks, he would have no way of continuing the fight.

3) Katsuki Bakugo


My Hero Academia fans have already seen the result of this particular battle, back in the Sports Festival tournament. Kirishima can tank several explosions from Bakugo, which is a rather impressive feat. However, he cannot do so forever, since his stamina eventually runs out.

Kirishima has certainly gotten stronger, but the same applies to Bakugo. Even if Kirishima uses his Hardening techniques, Bakugo has the speed and stamina to outlast his competitor.

2) Shoto Todoroki


Simply put, this is a disadvantageous matchup for Kirishima. Todoroki is a rarity among Quirk users in My Hero Academia, since he can use two abilities instead of one. The elemental powers of fire and ice give Todoroki a tactical advantage.

While Kirishima could withstand hot temperatures, he would likely be frozen in place before he ever gets close to Todoroki.

1) Izuku Midoriya


The main character of My Hero Academia is simply too strong for Kirishima to handle. Deku not only has access to the powerful One for All (which gives him tremendous power), he can also use other Quirks.

Kirishima would be forced to fight Deku within close range. However, the latter can easily dodge attacks with evasive maneuvers, such as Smokescreen and Float. Kirishima would likely tire out before he reaches All Might's successor.

A 100% smash might be enough to incapacitate Red Riot, even with his Unbreakable form. Deku is way too powerful at this point in My Hero Academia.

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