My Hero Academia: 10 oldest students from class 1-A

Some of the oldest students from class 1-A (Image via Bones)
Some of the oldest students from class 1-A (Image via Bones)

My Hero Academia is a popular anime and manga series that released its first chapter back in 2014. Fans consider it as one the best modern shonen series, and the characters in this show play a huge role in its success.

Class 1-A of My Hero Academia is filled with some interesting characters and the interaction between a few is entertaining to watch. Fans have always wondered about the young heroes’ ages.

Most of them were 15 years old during their initial appearances, so the only parameter differentiating their ages is the month and day on which they were born.

My Hero Academia: Some of the oldest students in class 1-A

10) Kyoka Jiro

This character from My Hero Academia is generally unenthusiastic and can get irritated easily. Her quirk, Earphone Jack, has great recon capabilities and she uses it to create tremors in the ground. This can be effective in getting the enemy off-balance, creating the perfect opportunity to strike.

Date of Birth: August 1

9) Mina Ashido

Ashido is one of the most easy going and affable characters in My Hero Academia. She displays quick reactions and excellent command over her quirk, making up for the lack of combat abilities. The strong acid can corrode substances quite easily, making her a strong hero.

Date of Birth: July 30

8) Hanta Sero

He is one of the most outgoing and friendly characters in the anime. Hanta is known for showing off his quirk to his peers. It allows him to create a tape which focuses mainly on mobility and snatching objects.

Hanta's proven to be quite good in combat and uses his quirk to hinder the enemy’s movement from afar.

Date of Birth: July 28

7) Izuku Midoriya

The protagonist of My Hero Academia, Midoriya, was the one who inherited One-For-All’s powers. While the quirk enhances his strength dramatically, it has become much more versatile in its powers. Furthermore, Midoriya has made this quirk his own by adding a few options that focus on kicking and mobility as well.

His abilities paired with his intellect makes him one of the strongest heroes in his class.

Date of Birth: July 15

6) Denki Kaminari

Denki is one of the most energetic and social characters from class 1-A in My Hero Academia. His quirk, Electrification, allows him to pass current through himself with anyone who comes in contact with him getting paralyzed.

His quirk is great for battling against multiple enemies at once given the effective range of his attacks.

Date of Birth: June 29

5) Rikkido Sato

This character from My Hero Academia has a quirk that is primarily for 1v1 combat. His quirk, Sugar Rush, allows him to eat sugar and improve his strength for a few minutes.

This quirk has very few applications and depends solely on the user’s combat ability. Despite not being one of the strongest heroes in the class, he is a reliable and capable individual who can provide assistance.

Date of Birth: June 19

4) Toru Hagakure

Hagakure has been the topic of discussion among fans of My Hero Academia as her face was finally revealed in one of the recent chapters. Her quirk is invisibility, and has great recon capabilities for obvious reasons.

She is a hero who plays a crucial part in most missions in My Hero Academia.

Date of Birth: June 16

3) Yuga Aoyama

Aoyama is known for displaying pride and grandeur. Furthermore, he tends to look down on people around him. His quirk allows him to shoot a laser beam from his naval region which is powerful enough to pierce through concrete and metal.

His quirk makes him a great support-type hero who can create openings for other heroes.

Date of Birth: May 30

2) Mashirao Ojiro

Mashiro is a calm and collected individual who tries to evaluate the situation before taking any action. He has a muscular build and is seen wearing a Gi, indicating his inclination towards martial arts.

He has a very strong tail that can be used for direct attacks as well provide him with the strength for advanced mobility as well. His combat prowess and his control over the quirk makes him a reliable hero in My Hero Academia.

Date of Birth: July 30

1) Katsuki Bakugo


Bakugo is arguably one of the most entertaining characters in My Hero Academia. His quirk imbues his sweat with nitroglycerine which allows him to create explosions.

He seems to be irate all the time and channels his anger during combat. While Bakugo seems like the kind of person who makes impulsive decisions, he is quite smart and is always evaluating the situation before taking any action. He is the oldest student in class 1-A.

Date of Birth: April 20

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