My Hero Academia chapter 339: new release date, where to read, speculations, and more

My Hero Academia 7th popularity poll (Image Via Manga Plus)
My Hero Academia 7th popularity poll (Image Via Manga Plus)

My Hero Academia chapter 339 was supposed to be released on December 26, Sunday. But due to Weekly Shonen jump taking a break in light of Christmas and Jump Festa 2022, the chapter was delayed by a week. As such, there are no spoilers or raw scans available this week, but here is the new release date, time, and more.

Caution: This article contains some spoilers.

My Hero Academia chapter 339: Release time, where to read, what to expect

My Hero Academia chapter 339 release time and where to read

Weekly Shonen Jump announced last week via Manga Plus that all of its serializations will go on a break this week. Additionally, instead of Sunday, the chapter will come out on Monday. My Hero Academia chapter 339 will be available on January 3, 2022, Monday on Manga Plus and at the following international times:

  • Pacific Time: 7 AM
  • Central Time: 9 AM
  • Eastern Time: 10 AM
  • British Time: 3 PM
  • Central European Time: 4 PM
  • Indian Standard Time: 8.30 PM
  • Australian central time: 12.30 AM, January 4, 2022, Tuesday.

My Hero Academia chapter 338 recap

In My Hero Academia chapter 338, Inspector Tsukauchi speaks against trusting the Aoyamas. Midoriya says that Aoyama is their only route to AFO, but Tsukauchi is still skeptical. Upon questioning, the Aoyamas reveal that they had not informed AFO about the Kamino Raid because their contact with him is one-sided, and they couldn’t contact him unless he did first.

As Present Mic points out that it is too soon to trust Aoyama again, Iida says that they should stand by their comrade in their time of need and overcome their failure to help him when required. Kirishima asks Aoyama how could he think that they would discriminate against him when they understood Midoriya’s situation.

Aizawa, who had been present throughout the meeting via video call, interjects by asking Midoriya if he has a plan. When Midoriya says that he doesn’t, Aizawa expresses his own guilt over not noticing what Aoyama was going through. He then asks Tsukauchi to cover the three Aoyamas’ ears as he tells everyone his own plan. Everyone present is shocked upon hearing it.

Later, Class 1-A is gathered at their dorm, preparing for the final battle. Lida asks Midoriya what they should do for their costumes, as both of them have reduced their current ones to tatters, and Midoriya replies that he is going to need a drastic upgrade if he wants to utilize all of the Quirks stored in OFA.

Hagakure declares that they will defeat AFO, and every student in Class 1-A agrees with determination. As Midoriya moves towards the door, it explodes and Mei Hatsume descends upon him.

Speculations for My Hero Academia chapter 339

Horikoshi will probably keep Aizawa’s plan a secret in My Hero Academia chapter 339, and give more importance on Midoriya’s costume. Since he is talking about “leaving nothing to chance,” it is likely that he has made further contacts with the Second and Third Users of OFA, and will soon be mastering their Quirks as well.

Speaking of the Second User, Horikoshi’s comments in Jump Festa 2022 regarding Bakugou’s role in the ending of My Hero Academia has once again given rise to the “Time Traveler Bakugou” theory and many expect its confirmation in My Hero Academia chapter 339.

However, most of the fandom still believes that the Second User is not in fact an adult Bakugou who traveled to the past. Either way, the Second User will be revealed to have a unique Quirk, as well as a history with both AFO and Yoichi. My Hero Academia chapter 339 will hopefully shed light on that.

New designs for Lida and Midoriya’s suits are about to be revealed as well, and My Hero Academia chapter 339 could show the development of these suits since Hatsume has reappeared. Some readers speculate that Hatsume’s presence might become the necessary catalyst for the development of Midoriya and Uraraka’s relationship.

We have not seen the presence of any of the pro heroes for a few chapters, and now that the traitor has been apprehended, My Hero Academia chapter 339 might show Endeavor or Hawks returning to U.A. to talk to their authorities or proteges. Dabi was very restless in My Hero Academia chapter 335 as well, so perhaps we might finally see the beginning of the “Todoroki Family Brawl” in My Hero Academia chapter 339.

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