The Onigashima Raid seems to officially end in One Piece chapter 1050 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Chapter 1050 (additional spoilers): Narrator updates victory decision, magma eruption, and more

One Piece chapter 1050 initial spoilers were released last night, seemingly foreshadowing some unfortunate developments as it relates to Luffy versus Kaido.

Now, those developments have become a little more certain, with additional One Piece chapter 1050 spoilers claiming that the issue sees the narrator revise their previous victory announcement.


While a specific choice in dialogue has some fans hoping One Piece chapter 1050’s victory announcement for Luffy doesn’t spell the fight’s end, this seems more than likely.

Unfortunately, based on currently available information, it seems like One Piece chapter 1050 spells the end of Kaido versus Luffy and marks the beginning of the end of the Wano arc.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the initial and new One Piece chapter 1050 spoilers.

Note: This article contains spoilers!


One Piece Chapter 1050 seemingly declares Luffy victor, Onigashima Raid over

One Piece Chapter 1050: Previous spoilers

As mentioned above, initial spoilers for One Piece chapter 1050 were released last night, much to the initial excitement of fans everywhere. However, many fans became disappointed upon reading the initial spoilers, for reasons which additional leaked information seemed to not only corroborate but further drive home.

Initial spoilers for the issue begin with the chapter’s official title, “Glory,” as well as a cover page that shows Reiju and Ichiji arriving at Whole Cake Island to help Yonji and Niji. The issue begins its story content with Kaido falling into the magma deep beneath the Wano mainland, with Big Mom being there as well.

This is followed by a Toko and Yasuie flashback, where fans learn that the latter ate the same SMILE Fruit as the former did so she wouldn’t have to laugh alone. Nekomamushi then announces Luffy’s victory to all of Onigashima, informally suggesting that he be the true victor.


Momonosuke, still in dragon form, tells Zunesha that Wano’s borders will eventually be opened, but not right now. He then lands in the Flower Capital and transforms back into his adult human form, which can’t be seen due to the smoke from the transformation.

Hiyori and the Red Scabbards appear from the smoke, with Denjiro announcing that he presents the new Shogun of Wano, who is presumably Momonosuke.

One Piece Chapter 1050: Additional spoilers

Even more information has come out now in two different waves. The first wave of additional spoiler info came early this morning, roughly 7 AM EST on May 25.


It specifies that there is “no risk in Onigashima,” presumably from the gigantic explosion of an underwater volcano that the spoilers also specify occurring. The explosion is so big that it can be seen by the people of the Flower Capital and those in Udon prison.

The latter location is known because Babanuki is seen, the former warden of Udon prison during Luffy’s time there. However, Momonosuke tells the Flower Capital citizens that there’s no need to worry and that they need not be alarmed.

The second wave of new spoiler information was released roughly an hour and a half later, around 8.30 AM EST.

This latest information claims that, at the beginning of One Piece chapter 1050, the narrator says that the previous result of Luffy versus Kaido will be updated.

As the submarine volcano explodes, the narrator formally announces that Luffy is the winner of the “decisive battle in the sky of Wanokuni.”

Many fans are pointing out the addition of the phrase “in the sky,” which some fans hope is a tease that Kaido and possibly Big Mom aren’t down and out quite yet.

The beginning of the chapter also seems to display a map, showing everything that’s happened in the wake of the Onigashima Raid’s apparent success.

The additional spoilers then specify that the two holes where Kaido and Big Mom fell through can be seen and that both reach the magma lakes under Wano.

@ilhamsyahakbarg @Orojapan1 Eh? Narrator also declared Kaido winner before Luffy awakened. Luffy is just the victor in the battle in the sky. Notice how he put “in the sky?” Not talking about a battle on land at Wano. Could be a massive red herring. Why wouldn’t lava help Kaido awaken? It would be epic.

Several fissures were produced from their impact, which created avenues of travel for the magma to secrete into the seafloor that surrounds the island.

Magma leaking out through these fissures causes the submarine volcano to explode. Finally, there seems to be no evidence that Mt. Fuji will erupt since the fissures are going out into the sea.

One Piece Chapter 1050: In summation

Easily the single most significant development from these additional One Piece cha[pter 1050 spoilers is that Luffy has been declared the winner in his battle against Kaido.

While the narrator did specify that he was the winner of the “battle in the sky,” this would need to be present in official translations to truly hold water as a legitimate foreshadowing.

@Orojapan1 Don’t get why people want it to be over so badly. The final punch wasn’t satisfying and the backstory was rushed. It can’t be over. This is the biggest battle in OP history and half the fandom believes it isn’t over. Must be more to it. Doesn’t feel final enough.

Additional One Piece chapter 1050 spoilers also helped clarify the geographical situation of Big Mom and Kaido’s manner of apparent defeat.

The two seem to be either on their way to death or already dead, considering they’re implied to be laying on a magma lake. If the Onigashima Raid is over, then hopefully, author Eiichiro Oda will at least kill off the two Yonko.


Overall, these additional One Piece chapter 1050 spoilers only prove the issue to be even more controversial in the fanbase than previously thought.

Many fans are hoping to see Kaido and Big Mom get up and officially display their Awakenings in their second winds, while other fans seem extremely content with the fight ending as things are currently.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary progresses.

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