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One Punch Man fans are in awe as Fubuki cosplay goes viral on Twitter (Image via Yusuke Murata, Shueisha and Twitter/@Vinnegal)

One Punch Man cosplayer has fandom captivated with perfect Fubuki makeover

There is no doubt that Fubuki from One Punch Man is an incredibly popular character in the series. This character’s popularity skyrocketed with her first appearance as her attempts to threaten Saitama went down the drain, and she realized that the Caped Baldy was someone she needed to keep an eye on.

A cosplayer on Twitter, @Vinnegal, uploaded a set of images in which she is cosplaying the Hellish Blizzard from the One Punch Man series. This post has garnered a ton of attention from cosplayers and fans of the series.


One Punch Man: Fubuki cosplay takes over Twitter

Stockings or bare? 🖤

Fubuki from One Punch Man!

Given how Murata sensei draws female characters in the series, only a few cosplayers can accurately portray these characters. @Vinnegal, however, nailed the Fubuki cosplay, and fans have acknowledged her efforts.

While the outfit could be mistaken for something that Tatsumaki wears, her choice of accessories and wig was on point. Props to the cosplayer for choosing this character since her physique resembles the Hellish Blizzard, which aided in the accurate portrayal of the character.

Fubuki alongside Bang and Bomb in the One Punch Man series (Image via Yusuke Murata, ONE/Shueisha)

The cosplayer had uploaded two images, one in which she adorned a pair of stockings and one picture without them. The fanbase appreciated the cosplayer for her efforts and gave their opinions regarding the same.

@Vinnegal I love the bare legs but the stockings fits Fubuki more
@Vinnegal I'd say bare. Both looks are good but bare makes your legs look super long!

One fan pointed out that the cosplayer's outfit choice could have been better since it resembles Tatsumaki's outfit more. The pique collar and the slits on the lower portion of the dress resemble the one that Tatsumaki wears in the One Punch Man series.

@Vinnegal Looks more like tatsumakis outfit but they're sisters so I'll over look it

One fan, in particular, got carried away and asked the cosplayer if Murata drew her. This was a clear commentary on the top-tier quality of the cosplay.

@Vinnegal Did Murata draw you? You look amazing and this time even more than ever! Good vibes and OMG!

@Vinnegal on Twitter is quite popular among the anime and manga community since one fan pointed out her ability to cosplay a wide range of characters. Being able to cosplay various characters boasts their knowledge about the character and an eye for detail.


All about Fubuki

Known as "Hellish Blizzard," Fubuki is a B-class hero in One Punch Man. She is Tatsumaki's sister, and both are extremely powerful espers. Fubuki is ambitious yet lacks the effort to become a stronger hero. Instead of focusing on becoming a stronger hero, she attempts to create a faction within the B-class ranks and recruit heroes into her group.

Fubuki, as seen in the One Punch Man series (Image via J.C. Staff)

Despite maintaining a confident demeanor, she is quite insecure about her abilities. She has always lived in her elder sister's shadow. Her reason for having a group is also to show Tatsumaki that she could surpass her one day in numbers instead of fighting her alone.

However, her attitude slowly changes after meeting the Caped Baldy. He advised her to overcome her fears and become a strong hero that could be respected by those around her.

One Punch Man: Current status of the anime and manga

The manga is progressing steadily as Murata sensei is releasing chapters regularly. The latest chapter of the series seems to have concluded the Psychic Sisters arc of the series.


However, One Punch Man season 3 seems to be delayed for now. A surge in COVID-19 cases played a massive role in the delay. The fanbase can expect an update concerning the progress of the anime in the next couple of months.

Stay tuned for more anime and manga updates as 2023 progresses.

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