Where to begin with One Punch Man Manga after you finish the anime?

Saitama and Garou in One Punch Man (Image via Yusuke Murata/Shueisha)
Saitama and Garou in One Punch Man (Image via Yusuke Murata/Shueisha)

Dedicated fans of One Punch Man have been going through a test of patience over the last two years. At the same time, most fans believe that season 2 of the critically acclaimed anime ended abruptly and they were kept away from a persuasive and satisfying ending.

However, not everyone is composed enough to wait patiently for season 3. Yusuke Murata, the illustrator of One Punch Man, confirmed on Twitter that season 3 is in the works and faces a minor delay as of now.

While the manga is doing extremely well, with Saitama and Garou's showdown finally coming to a close, fans don't want to waste time starting the manga.

Specifics and Chapter numbers

Jumping right into the manga would be a good choice for fans, but only if they're done with all six OVAs which have approximately 10 minutes worth of content and another 20 minutes of OVA which was released in Japan with the volume 10 of the manga.

Season 1 of the anime comprised volumes 1 to 7 of the printed manga, which covers chapters 1 to 37 and Season 2 covers everything until chapter 85. So, if one's looking for the perfect point to start the manga, it would be chapter 86.

However, that doesn't change the fact that season 2 of the anime was significantly affected due to rushed productions. It changed and weakened Yusuke Murata's vision as they tried to fit a lot of volumes into the designated number of episodes.

So, starting with Volume 8 or chapter 38 would definitely work better for fans who are looking to have the best experience without compromising any details or key art pieces.

Current State

Spoiler Warning!

One Punch Man's Chapter 169 finally completes the Monsters Association Arc, closing Garou's story completely. He posed quite a threat to Saitama and proved his worth as the strongest villain Saitama has ever faced in his career as a hero.

The hilarious theme continues to be the main attraction to the series as Saitama pulls off goofy stunts even in serious situations. His quick sneeze holds enough power to destroy Jupiter.

Serious and emotional moments were also present as a tired and helpless Garou was saved by Tareo from a mob of angry heroes. Finally, Saitama also let Garou know that he appreciated him for saving the lives of King and Genos.

Final Thoughts

Done with the anime and the manga but can't get enough of Saitama and his incredible strength? Checking out ONE's webcomics is the next step towards being the ultimate fan.

Starting from chapter 70 in the ONE webcomic would be best for fans who are up to date with the manga. However, the story is quite different and diverges at one point. Thus, if one hits a plot roadblock, starting with chapter 52 would be a safer bet.

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