8 things to expect in One-Punch Man Season 3

Some of the events that might be featured in the upcoming season of One-Punch Man (Image via Netflix)
Some of the events that might be featured in the upcoming season of One-Punch Man (Image via Netflix)

The One-Punch Man manga is progressing well, and fans are anxiously waiting for the next set of chapters that will conclude the ongoing arc. While the anime series hasn’t announced a third season yet, fans are trying to predict the events that will be adapted in the upcoming season.

It is important to remember that the One-Punch Man anime will take some time before announcing the third season. With many predicting that it could come later this year. This article merely explores the possible events that might be animated in the upcoming series, and fans will have to wait for further announcements.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the One-Punch Man manga.

Things to expect in the upcoming season of One-Punch Man

1) Garou vs Bang

It’s highly possible for One-Punch Man to animate the fight between Garou and his former teacher, Bang. This fight is certainly one of the best fights in the series. The way Murata drew this was exceptional as it was fluid, and every single panel was breathtaking. Bang’s ridiculous strength and endurance will be tested as Garou is a different breed from the time he was first introduced in the series.

2) Orochi vs Saitama

This fight ends like most of the battles that Saitama has been in during One-Punch Man. In this fight, Orochi takes Saitama to a place and talks about him being a worthy sacrifice to resurrect God. However, the Caped Baldy didn’t pay attention to anything Orochi said, which angered the Monster King. Orochi uses a powerful attack called Gaia Cannon, which Saitama counters. He then proceeds to kill the leader of the Monsters Association with one punch.

3) Tatsumaki showing her full powers

During the Monsters Association arc of the series, we see the esper display the true powers that earned her the name “Tornado of Terror.” She showed what she was capable of when she was fighting against Orcohi and Psykos, and was able to bring the entire Monsters Association building to the surface of the battlefield while creating protective barriers for her comrades. This fight will be very interesting to watch as well.

4) Appearance of God

An unknown entity appeared on the moon while the Homeless Emperor was shuddering in fear. It was later shown in the manga that the Homeless Emperor received his powers from this entity whom he called God. Later, God takes away the Homeless Emperor’s power and kills him instantly while he is on the moon. This was when God first appeared in the manga, and Murata even colored the two panels.

5) Introduction of Blast

Blast was a character that people spoke about. But his appearance and abilities were always a mystery. In the manga, Blast finally made an appearance and revealed a power that seemed to have expanded the One-Punch Man universe by revealing one of his abilities. He opened a portal to another dimension, which showed silhouettes of other characters that were dressed similar to Blast.

6) Black Sperm terrifying the Hero Association

Black Sperm didn’t really seem like much of a threat when we were given a glimpse of this character during the second season of One-Punch Man. However, the monster's true powers are revealed further in the manga when it fights the Atomic Samurai. Black Sperm thoroughly overwhelms the swordsmen and almost succeeds in killing him. However, this was interrupted by Tatsumaki’s barrier, which saved the Samurai's life.

7) Ultimate Hellfire Burst Wave Motion Cannon

This was probably one of the funniest parts of the arc. Every fan is aware of King’s true powers. Sometimes it’s hard to say if he’s lucky or not because he attracts some of the strongest opponents, but is always saved by some stroke of luck.

Another such situation arose in the manga when Platinum Sperm was about to attack King. When he launches this imaginary attack, Garou takes Platinum Sperm out while fighting someone else. It’s possible that the series might animate this in the upcoming season.

8) Genos getting damaged again

One thing that fans can expect is that Genos will get beaten up again. Despite him being a strong S-Class hero, he has consistently been beaten up by multiple foes during the course of the show. In the upcoming season, fans can expect the Cyborg to engage in battles against some tough opponents who will inflict a good amount of damage.

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