Genos' 7 most spectacular fights In One Punch Man

Genos AKA Demon Cyborg (Image via Viz Media)
Genos AKA Demon Cyborg (Image via Viz Media)

The popular anime and manga One Punch Man features a variety of awesome characters and fights. One of the main heroes in the series is Genos (hero name Demon Cyborg), who the protagonist, Saitama, takes on as a pupil.

Genos is constantly striving to improve himself through training and upgrades to his robotic body.

Thanks to awe-inspiring illustrations and top of the line animation, both the One Punch Man anime and manga offer amazing fight scenes. This article will list seven of Genos' best moments in combat.

7 fights in One Punch Man where Genos pops off

1) Genos vs. Speed-O'-Sound Sonic

Genos and Sonic quickly became rivals when the latter approached Saitama for a rematch. Defensive of his master and eager to test his strength, Genos engages Sonic in a lightning-fast battle.

The anime showcases Genos' abilities and Sonic's tactics. As per usual, the manga depicts movement beautifully and offers detailed illustrations of the epic showdown.

Genos pushes Sonic into a corner, only to become frustrated once the latter displays his true speed.

2) Genos vs. Garou

Garou is exhausted after an ambush by a group from the Hero Association. He shows up ready to take on the self-proclaimed "Hero Hunter" and an epic battle ensues.

The Demon Cyborg shows off his new upgrades and matches Garou blow for blow. Unfortunately the battle was cut short when a horde of monsters showed up, followed by the appearances of Bang and Blast.

3) Heroes vs. Monster Association Executives

Genos protecting Tornado (Image via Viz Media)
Genos protecting Tornado (Image via Viz Media)

The Monster Association Arc of the One Punch Man manga is absolute chaos. Readers are introduced to some of the most powerful villains shown in the series thus far. Heroes old and new alike take the fight to the monsters, providing readers with nonstop action.

Genos clashes with several formidable enemies, including Gums and Black/Golden Sperm. Despite sustaining critical damage, he relentlessly protects Tatsumaki.

The dedicated effort to protect his fellow Class-S hero has ignited speculation amongst some fans that there may be a budding romance between Demon Cyborg and Terrible Tornado.

4) Heroes vs. Psykos and Orochi

Genos and Tatsumaki fight together (Image via Viz Media)
Genos and Tatsumaki fight together (Image via Viz Media)

Genos attacks the fused Psykos and Orochi and is chastised by Tatsumaki for butting into her fight. The two agree to fight together and prove to be an exceptional duo.

Psykos and Orochi engage the two heroes, leading to a jaw-dropping exchange of energy and laser beams. Unfortunately Genos becomes immobilized after utilizing his new ultimate attack while supporting Tatsumaki.

5) Genos, Bang, and Bomb vs. Elder Centipede

Following his battle with Garou, Elder Centipede appears on the scene. Genos launches powerful attacks at the monster in tandem with Bang and Blast. Although the heroes struggle to damage the massive beast, this was a great opportunity to show off Genos' amazing capabilities in a well animated One Punch Man fight sequence.

6) Genos vs. G4

The One Punch Man cyborg stands in for King when the latter is confronted by a massive robotic monster named G4. Viewers were treated to a wild showdown of laser beams between the two mechs.

G4 eventually sheds its external armor, revealing a more compact true form. At the cost of being half-destroyed, Genos is able to defeat the villain and take his components back to Dr. Kuseno to be implemented as new upgrades.

7) Genos vs. Awakened Cockroach

It seems that there is no shortage of extremely fast monsters any time that Genos is around. That is not a complaint, though, since the Demon Cyborg's blistering battles provide elite entertainment.

Awakened Cockroach proves to be too fast for Genos' detection systems, but the One Punch Man Class-S hero has an ace up his sleeve.