One Punch Man reveals a shocking similarity between Saitama and Garou

Taking a look at the one thing that Garou and Saitama share in common (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata, Shueisha, One Punch Man)
Taking a look at the one thing that Garou and Saitama share in common (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata, Shueisha, One Punch Man)

Garou has been the center of attention among One Punch Man fans, and they believe that he certainly shares a similarity with the Caped Baldy. It might be difficult to point out because of how vastly different they are in general.

However, after reading all the chapters that focused on the fight between Garou and Saitama, some interesting observations can be made about their behavior.

Let’s analyze some of the instances that took place in the recent chapters and understand why fans believe that the aforementioned characters share a peculiar similarity, aside from the monstrous strength that they possess.

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One Punch Man: Understanding how the Caped Baldy and the Hero Hunter are similar

When Garou was first introduced in the One Punch Man anime, he was a ruthless killer who wanted to hunt down all heroes and be known as the symbol of absolute evil. One day, he ended up meeting a kid named Tareo, who had a conversation with him.

Garou was able to understand his awful situation since the kid was getting bullied by his friends. We saw Garou’s human side when he decided to save Tareo from possibly getting hurt due to the cross fire that was about to take place between him and the heroes.

One Punch Man fans realized that he inherently wanted to do good things and had a soft spot for Tareo, but he continued wreaking havoc and beating many heroes. Fast forward to the latest chapter, he had taken God’s powers to beat Saitama.

However, when was thoroughly defeated by Saitama, he accepted defeat and wanted to die. Yet the Caped Baldy didn’t do that as it was Tareo’s dying wish to save Garou without hurting him. Garou decided to teach Saitama how to travel back in time, asking him to stop Garou before he became absolutely evil.

If we take a look at the protagonist of One Punch Man, he seems quite lifeless and nothing really excites him. However, as the series progressed, fans realized that it was Genos who made his monotonous life a little pleasant.

While Saitama wouldn’t have admitted it openly, he ceratainly enjoyed Genos’ company. When Garou decided to kill Genos in an attempt to draw out Saitama’s full power, Saitama was livid.

One Punch Man fans hadn’t seen Saitama this angry before, and he ended up defeating Garou with just one hand while he held on to Genos’ core.

The one thing that both Garou and Saitama share is that they have someone they hang on to when they really need mental support. They have someone who can help them get through tough times.

Saitama even mentioned in chapter 168 that Garou wasn’t trying to save Tareo, but merely clung on to him in times of difficulty. Garou then realized that Saitama did the same, which is why he held on to Genos’ core the entire time he was fighting the Hero Hunter.

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