Why Tatsumaki is stronger than Fubuki in One Punch Man

Fubuki and Tatsumaki, as seen in One Punch Man (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata/Madhouse/Viz Media)
Fubuki and Tatsumaki, as seen in One Punch Man (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata/Madhouse/Viz Media)

The Psychic Sisters in One Punch Man, B-Class Rank 1 Fubuki, and S-Class Rank 2 Tatsumaki are two of the strongest characters in the series, renowned for their esper abilities. As espers, both of them have earned enough respect in the Hero Association, and going against them is considered to be the biggest mistake one could ever make.

As sisters, most of their traits are similar to each other, as they are disrespectful toward others due to their cold-hearted disposition and are arrogant with their powers. Many things make them different from one another and the most primitive one is the massive distinction between their strength, where Tatsumaki is stronger than her little sister.

Note: This article contains several manga spoilers for One Punch Man.

Exploring why Tatsumaki is more powerful than Fubuki in One Punch Man

Despite being one of the most intriguing questions in One-Punch Man, the creator, ONE, has never mentioned anything that would clearly specify the reason behind the power difference between the Psychic Sisters. However, after their past was revealed, it shed light on a few of the important aspects regarding Tatsumaki's psychic prowess in One Punch Man.

For starters, Tatsumaki is 5 years older than her sister Fubuki, which gave the former enough time to study and refine her abilities. But even as an adult, Fubuki is still nowhere near her elder sister, and the reason behind this phenomenon goes back to the time when both of them received powers whilst they were just toddlers.

The middle panel, that's young Tatsumaki. Her past and it's not the whole story. But now she is going to turn the whole place upside down. Be ready.

Like Tatsumaki, Fubuki too received powers at the same age but the latter's control over her psychic abilities was much underwhelming than the former. Tatsumaki had an unbelievable prowess with her esper abilities from a very tender age, as she had once lifted the entire school building to scare the kids bullying her little sister.

Unlike her elder sister, young Fubuki was barely capable of lifting a rock and had very little knowledge of her esper abilities. Even as an adult, Fubuki didn’t manage to surpass the prowess Tatsumaki had as a child. It has been speculated among fans of One Punch Man that Fubuki is crushed by her inferiority complex that doesn’t let her explore her true potential.

3. Fubuki of One Punch ManAlthough a bit cold due to her inferiority complex caused by her sister Tatsumaki, Fubuki is an intelligent and charismatic woman that takes charge. She has also shown a softer side since meeting Saitama that I find adorable. Love her green hair too!

As seen in One Punch Man, Tatsumaki doesn’t like to show weakness due to her heart-breaking past, which is why she carries an omnipresent rage that fuels her strength. When Tatsumaki was just a child, she was sold by her parents for money, to a group of scientists who wanted to conduct evil experiments on her.

As a child, Tatsumaki was well aware of ethics and morality, which is why she sensed the scientists' evil intentions and didn’t use her powers in front of them, even after getting bribed with toys and candy. She got locked up for not using her powers for days. One fated day, whilst still locked up, Tatsumaki was amidst the monster outbreak, but luckily Bang came to the rescue.

Next Draw The sister of Fubuki :3Tatsumaki From One Punch Man

Bang asked Tatsumaki why she didn’t use her powers, to which she lied that her powers were gone. Bang realized that she was holding back her powers so that the scientists would consider her useless and set her free.

Some fan-made theories even suggest that Tatsumaki has somehow managed to remove her “Limiter” like Saitama, a concept based on Dr. Genus's speculations. However, there is no concrete evidence regarding this speculation to prove it to be true.

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