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South Park Kenny's face reveals has fans divided, and with good reason (Image via Paramount Media Networks)

South Park: Kenny's face reveals has fans divided, and with good reason

A recent episode of the American adult-animation series South Park has made a move which is very surprisingly causing strife amongst the series’ fanbase. Especially intriguing is that the actual decision that is causing such a division is one which would typically be viewed as a positive development for the series.

Unfortunately, the latest face reveal of South Park’s always-hooded Kenny character has seemingly upset some fans for being one instance too many. While Kenny’s original face reveal came nearly 24 years ago from the franchise’s 1999 film, several have come since in the mainline series, both as gags and as legitimate reveals.


It seems that this long-standing tradition of “revealing” Kenny’s face for exciting effects has worn thin on the patience of long-time viewers.

South Park fanbase incensed following latest entry in long-running saga of Kenny “face reveals”

“South Park” fans go wild after show reveals Kenny’s face after 10 years

Episode 5 of South Park’s 26th season saw Kenny’s face revealed for the first time in over 10 years. He was last seen without his trademark orange hoodie that covers his face in the show’s season 16.


While fans typically are always happy to see another reappearance of Kenny’s true face, some seem to be over the long-running gimmick. While no one seems to be suggesting having Kenny’s face visible all the time, many are sharing that they’re getting tired of these reveals being set up as major events for the series.

As one fan pointed out in a tweet responding to the post via a collage, Kenny’s face has been revealed to varying degrees throughout the show’s entire run. Beloved episodes such as the Mysterion and Little League Baseball storylines see Kenny essentially reveal his full face. Other appearances see features such as his hair or eyes partially, but not fully exposed.

@DailyLoud Bro where you been?! The first movie came out 24 yrs ago 🤣🤣
@DailyLoud They’ve revealed his face like 7 times already
@DailyLoud Yeah, we already know what Kenny looks like. But can you believe South Park has been on air for like 25 years? Crazy.
@DailyLoud Only real ones know the real Kenny
@DailyLoud They shouldn’t have revealed it
@DailyLoud How many times do y'all gotta reveal kenny's face lol

The constant presence of Kenny’s face being visible throughout the series is driving fans to have such reactions to the latest instance. While South Park, as a series overall, could never be called stale, the “Kenny’s face reveal” gag may be wearing thin on the love devoted fans have for the series.

While obviously not every fan feels this way, a majority of responses to a Twitter post highlighting the latest reveal emphasized this sentiment. In fact, several fans responded with enthusiastic messages showing their love for him as a character. A GIF of Kenny dancing and another of him as Mysterion especially highlighted these sentiments.

However, a majority of other responders are calling the gimmick old and outdated. Some are even suggesting that Kenny’s face should’ve never been revealed in the first place. Others with less extreme opinions are tiringly pointing out how old the face reveal gag has gotten, likening it to the series’ impressive 25-plus-year airtime.

In any case, it’s clear that the latest Kenny face reveal in South Park has not gone over with fans as well as the production team hoped it will. Perhaps fans will see a change in approach moving forward for Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s critically-acclaimed adult animation series.

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