What time will South Park: The Streaming Wars air on Paramount +? Details explored

Paramount+'s official poster for South Park: The Streaming Wars (Image via Paramount+)
Paramount+'s official poster for South Park: The Streaming Wars (Image via Paramount+)

Eric Cartman, everyone's favorite manipulative Double-Diet-Dew-drinking character, is returning this week with a new special, South Park: The Streaming Wars.

Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the series revolves around four boys - Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick - and their exploits in and around the titular town. South Park has gained recognition and popularity for its profanity and dark, surreal humor that satirizes a wide range of topics for an adult audience.

Here's everything viewers need to know about the upcoming special, which will be available on Paramount+ from 3AM ET / 12AM PT, June 1, 2022.

When is South Park: The Streaming Wars expected to air?

The Paramount+ special South Park: The Streaming Wars is all set to premiere on Wednesday, June 1, at 3AM ET / 12AM PT. This new special celebrates the series' 25th year anniversary. Co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are said to be the executive producers.

The synopsis for the upcoming special reads:

"Cartman locks horns with his mom in a battle of wills while an epic conflict unfolds that threatens South Park’s very existence."

Produced by Anne Garefino, Frank C. Agnone II, Eric Stough, Adrien Beard, Bruce Howell, and Vernon Chatman with Christopher Brion as the creative director, it will be the third installment of 14 television movies that are set to be made based on the show. Fans will also be happy to know that South Park has also been renewed through Season 30 as part of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's mega-deal with ViacomCBS’s MTV Entertainment Studios.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming special


The official trailer for South Park: The Streaming Wars dropped earlier this month and featured a fed-up Cartman threatening to run away from home. The reason might be Liane Cartman's refusal to pay for all of the best streaming services. It's highly doubtful whether Cartman will get a place to crash if he runs away. The only other character referenced in the clip was Kenny.

The special is said to focus on Eric Cartman and his complicated relationship with his mother. They will duke it out in a 'battle of wills' in this episode, while the small town of South Park will be met with a conflict of epic proportions that will threaten everything that the town has built up to be.

About South Park and its specials

South Park is an American animated sitcom developed by Brian Graden for Comedy Central. It was developed from two animated short films titled, The Spirit of Christmas, after the second short went viral.

The first two South Park specials, South Park: Post Covid and South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, premiered exclusively on Paramount+ in 2021. Both the specials explored a South Park in the distant future when COVID-19 had been eliminated and all the characters had grown up.

All was well until there was a case of COVID-19 in the town, resulting in Kenny's death and a town-wide quarantine. The grown-up friend group, including Stan and Kyle, came together to figure out the truth behind Kenny's death and the newest COVID-19 outbreak. However, their investigation veered into science fiction as it explored the ways in which their current lives had been shaped by events in their childhood and the dissolution of their main friend group.

Stream South Park: The Streaming Wars on Paramount+ from Wednesday, June 1.

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