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Brutal killings of Titans (Image via Sportskeeda)

7 most jaw-dropping Titan kills in Attack on Titan

Living up to its very name, the much-celebrated Attack on Titan anime/ manga series has numerous blood-curdling, action-packed spectacles to offer.

Throughout the series, we witness intense clashes and bloodshed involving humans and titans. These fights, though extremely turbulent and destructive, often serve to not only provide edge-of-the-seat thrilling action sequences, but also to further the storyline along the way.


Aside from their purposeful inclusion, the fights and killings of the giant-like titans are some of the most technically sound and masterfully done scenes in the entire series.

[Note: The article contains spoilers of both Attack on Titan anime and manga. This list is in chronological order.]

7 most jaw-dropping titan kills in Attack on Titan that left the audience speechless

7) 104th class cadets’ first takedown


With the titans barging inside the wall and causing rampant destruction all around, we witness the rookie 104th class cadets’ ingenious plan of taking the monstrous creatures head-on. With their equipment out of fuel and titans swarming the fuel storage area, they were forced to come up with a plan on the spot.

Following the plan devised by Armin, survivors of the 104th class draw the Titans' attention to an elevator and shoot them in the eyes to blind them, while seven of them jump from the ceiling to finish them off. Sasha and Connie fail to kill their targets but are saved by Mikasa and Annie.

6) Smiling Titan gets eaten

I don't know how I didn't make this connection before. The way Eren laughed in this moment is very similar to how he laughed when Hannes died. Maybe he felt a tragic, numb sense of that same emotion that he failed to change and let someone he loves die again.
02:53 AM · Feb 17, 2021

The penultimate episode of Attack on Titan's sophomore season brought Eren face-to-face with the Smiling Titan for the second time (the first being the ill-fated moment of it devouring his mother). Seeing another beloved guardian, Hannes getting eaten by the same vicious Titan made Eren more desperate than ever.

It is at this juncture that Eren accidentally, discovered the co-ordinate power of the Founding Titan. With this newfound ability, he led all the titans in the vicinity to pounce on the Smiling Titan.


The horrific sight of the said Titan being cannibalized is one of the most gory and gruesome scenes in the history of the entire Attack on Titan series.

5) Historia kills Rod Reiss

Episode 9 from Season 3 of Attack on Titan shows the transformation of the meek and demure Historia into the decisive and strong-willed ruler that she becomes later on. Her rite of passage gets borne out of her dealing the fatal blow to her father's mangled Titan body-part.

The visuals of Rod Reiss' titan-self with its giant torso and disproportionately short limbs, being blown up into innumerable pieces, were nothing short of grotesque galore.

4) Eren strikes down Colossal Titan

Episode 17 from Season 3 of Attack on Titan sees Eren fulfilling his promise of avenging the fall of Shiganshina through his act of defeating the Colossal titan. With the help of Armin, he brought the said titan to its knees in the most vicious manner.

Attacking from the back and catching it off guard, Eren swiftly dealt a damaging blow to the titan's nape. Afterwards, he proceeded to drag the limbless body of Bertholdt, who was eventually eaten by Armin in his titan form.

3) Attack Titan demolishes the Warhammer

The Warhammer titan is introduced in episode 6 of Season 4, in the midst of an outright assault on Marley from Eren's Attack titan. In this fight with Lara Tybur (the inheritor of Warhammer), we see Eren's sinister side for the very first time.

The sheer savagery and utter ruthlessness with which Eren acquires the Warhammer unearthed the darker dimensions of his character to the fans.


Using the Jaw Titan to crush the hardening of the Warhammer was absolutely terrifying and extremely unnerving. Not to forget how in the process of disposing the latter, Eren ended up taking the lives of countless civilians, including little children even.

2) Levi vs Beast Titan

Levi's well-reasoned and justified animosity towards Zeke Yeager is exhibited through a number of unforgettable confrontations and altercations between the two. Each time, the captain attacked his arch-nemesis with nefarious intent.

In fact, in his very first encounter with the Beast Titan, Levi went all out. However, with the help of the Cart Titan, Zeke narrowly escaped being slaughtered by humanity's strongest soldier.

During the second time, despite having all the odds stacked against him, nothing could stop Levi from going for the Beast's neck. However, the most heart-wrenching part here was the fact that Levi had to eliminate his fellow Survey Corps soldiers (who had turned into titans after drinking wine contaminated with Zeke's spinal fluid).

Even after all these sacrifices on Levi's part, this time too, the Beast got away.

However, (as shown in the Attack on Titan manga), the Beast will indeed meet its end at the hands of the captain. The manga panel depicting the beheading of the said titan gave goosebumps to the readers for its poetic justice of Levi finally having avenged the death of Commander Erwin Smith and his comrades.

But Levi is a character who doesn’t even regret his own decisions. Levi and Zeke were meant to amplify each other’s character and point of the author. To not regret anything, and to not curse your own existence. Which is why Levi killed Zeke. Levi was right and Zeke isn’t.
09:22 AM · Apr 2, 2021

1) Levi goes berserk

In the prequel, Attack on Titan: No Regrets, we get to see Levi's backstory as well as what shaped up the rough exterior of the Survey Corps’ Captain. It is also here that we witness the brunt of his wrath.

Seeing the severed head of Isabel and the gruesome death of Furlan (the only two friends that Levi had) at the hands of the monstrous titans, Levi was devastated. What followed afterwards can only be described as pure carnage, with Levi mercilessly decapitating and dismembering the giant creature to pieces and mere fragments.

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