10 times Levi proved why he is called humanity's strongest in Attack On Titan

Levi Ackerman's best moments (Image via Sportskeeda)
Levi Ackerman's best moments (Image via Sportskeeda)

Attack On Titan is a series that quickly gained traction because of its amazing storyline and characters. It gave fans so many moments that touched their hearts and chilled them to the bones. This is one of those series where the lines between heroes and villains are mostly just a matter of context.

Many characters will shine through the screen and pages to capture the fandom at once. Levi Ackerman is such a character. The Survey Corps captain is hailed as humanity's strongest for a reason.

He is the one character that not only has the most number of Titan kills, but he is also never afraid to take steps for the seeming greater good. It doesn't matter what sacrifices he has to make for that. The following is a list of times he proved why he is worthy of his title more than anyone else.

Moments when Levi proved his mettle in Attack On Titan

10) Levi in the Battle For Trost


After Eren filled the hole in the wall in Trost, his body gave up, making him almost defenseless. While his friends tried their best to free Eren from his Titan shell to take him to safety, they got surrounded by a few large Titans. Levi, out of nowhere, leaped into the fray and slashed through the Titans like it was no big deal.

At this moment, fans realized that it indeed was not a big deal for the Captain. This set the premise for understanding how strong Levi was and why he was in a completely different league than the other Attack On Titan characters.

9) Levi's first expedition beyond the wall with the new squad

After Eren's incorporation in the Survey Corps, thanks to Levi, who showed in a not-so-very-gentle way why he should be in charge of the Titan-shifter, their first expedition beyond the walls was truly a magnificent arc. In their journey to recover information from Shiganshina, they were chased after by many Titans and a Female Titan whose identity was still unknown.

Levi, again, comes in as a savior here by disposing of a huge number of Titans and aiding magnificently in capturing the Female Titan. This is where Attack on Titan fans first witnessed Levi Ackerman's excellent leadership abilities. As a result, this was a moment that will stay in their hearts forever.

8) Next visit to Shiganshina


Although their first visit to Shiganshina failed, the Survey Corps members eventually went back to Shiganshina to retrieve the information left in Eren's basement.

During this, they discovered Reiner hiding inside the walls and Levi, in a show of humanity's rage as well as strength, lunged at him with deadly quickness. Even though it was short, this set the premise for the upcoming battle in Shiganshina.

7) Levi's first meeting with Erwin Smith


Fans of Levi have always wondered what led him to become the man he is. In one of the Attack on Titan OVAs, the creators portrayed Levi's past working as a delinquent in the underground slums in the capital city and showed the first meeting between Levi and Erwin.

After a job went haywire, Levi was pursued by the Survey Corps members when Erwin came out of the shadows to capture Levi. He also convinced him to join the Survey Corps to put his skills to good use. This was a turning point for Levi. After this, he eventually became the man Attack on Titan fans know today.

6) Levi vs Female Titan


Levi and Mikasa began chasing them down when the Female Titan ran to the forest beyond Wall Rose after taking Eren hostage. This was indeed a huge moment for the fandom as they have been hoping for these two to team up for a long time. As the strongest fighters among all in Attack on Titan, they made short work of finding the Female Titan.

After that, even Mikasa was awestruck by Levi's speed and prowess, from the way he took no time to cut the Female Titan down to pieces. With this, Levi proved again why he is called humanity's strongest in Attack on Titan.

5) Levi vs Kenny's squad


When the Survey Corps members faced persecution for opposing the Royal Family and Military Police, they were insistently chased by a new squad put in charge of capturing them. This squad was, of course, Kenny's. A stone-cold murderer and Levi's uncle. He was the one who taught Levi how to survive on the streets. As a result, a battle with his squad was not easy for the Attack on Titan fan-favorites.

The battle in the underground caves of Rod Reiss between the Special Operations Squad and Kenny's squad was not only cinematic, but the strategic calculations made by both parties made this one of the most legendary battles in Attack On Titans history.

4) War for Paradis


After Eren's old Squad, along with Levi and Hange, arrived in Marley to aid Eren, unaware of his Eldian euthanasia plans, fans were astounded by the fights between Levi and a few of the original Titans.

The chase through the streets in complete enemy territory not only provided a thrilling edge to this, but even the Warriors' reaction to Levi made this battle one of the best in the series. Levi's quick disposal of the enemies and the enemies' fear after seeing him go on to remind fans why Levi is called Humanity's Strongest in Attack on Titan.

3) Levi's rage against the Titans


After Levi and his friends joined the Survey Corps in the No Regrets OVA, fans witnessed what created Levi Ackerman, who he is. In the final moments of this OVA, Levi and his squad were confronted by a mighty Titan. His friends, unfortunately, lost their lives during this and Levi for the first time, lost all sense of control.

He ripped the Titan to shreds and, possibly for the first time, realized the Ackerman bloodline power that lay dormant inside him. This battle was undoubtedly one of the most bone-chilling fights in the Attack on Titan franchise.

2) The chase to reach Eren first


Levi is undoubtedly the strongest fighter in Paradis. However, in a battle with a squad full of killers trained by Kenny Ackerman, even he faced difficulties. When he realized that he was running out of options after Kenny took the lead over him, he made a run for it in the streets of the capital city.

This was one of the most fast-paced and thrilling sequences in the entire series. Watching Levi ducking and slashing through the streets to get to Eren first gave the Attack on Titan fandom memories that will possibly stay with them forever.

1) Levi vs the Beast Titan


In both sequences of their fights, Levi shows the fandom why he is called the strongest in Attack on Titan. Erwin Smith charged into battle with many soldiers providing Levi with an opening against the Beast Titan. Seemingly out of nowhere, Levi leaped into the air after slashing and leveraging the Titans standing around the Beast, shocking him out of his senses.

After that, he took no time to get the upper hand on him and cut him down to pieces with the fury of a demon. This was possibly one of the best sequences in the series' history. However, even after this final season, they confronted each other again when Zeke tried to flee after turning Levi's comrades to Titans.

In a truly shocking scene, Levi disposed of them as well and chased him down, forcing him to shift. However, that provided no cover as he got cut down and captured again.

Levi Ackerman is possibly the most popular character in the Attack On Titan franchise. He has repeatedly proved why he deserves this recognition in the fandom. With the story progressing in surprising ways, fans are eagerly waiting to learn what fate lies for him at the end of the story.

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