All Reiner versus Eren fights in Attack on Titan anime so far

Every Armored Titan vs Attack Titan fight in Attack on Titan (Images via Attack on Titan)
Every Armored Titan vs Attack Titan fight in Attack on Titan (Images via Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan is one of the most trending anime series at the moment. The series is merely a few episodes away from concluding, and fans are always hyped when Eren and Reiner fight. The series portrays the protagonist, Eren, who considered Reiner his rival early in the series.

Since then, a lot has happened, and the two were forced to fight each other once again. Here are the fights between Eren and Reiner that have taken place during Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan: Eren vs Reiner

1) Episode 31 (Season 2)


In this episode, both Bertholdt and Reiner reveal that they’re titan shifters. This was a suspicion held by some of the members of the Survey Corps. Reiner was overwhelmingly strong and was beating Eren thoroughly.

After exchanging blows, Eren caught Reiner by surprise and baited him into a Guillotine choke, cracking Reiner’s armor around the Latissimus Dorsi region. However, Bertholdt made it in time to save Reiner, who was on the verge of defeat.

2) Episode 51 (Season 3 Part 2)


In this episode of Attack on Titan, Reiner and Eren fight in the Shiganshina district. Eren was confident that he would be able to beat Reiner 1v1 and it was evident in the way he was able to predict his movements during the fight.

Eren knows that the Armored Titan is strong and the only way to deal some damage is by performing chokes. Eren was tasked with holding Reiner in position so that his teammates could launch multiple Thunder Spears in order to kill him.

But just before the weapons exploded, he transferred his conscience below his nape, as a last-ditch effort. This paid off and he was able to call Bertholdt for reinforcements.

3) Episode 67 (Season 4 Part 1)


This wasn’t really a fight given how quickly the battle ended. Reiner was already fatigued and Eren just destroyed the War Hammer Titan and consumed it in order to inherit its powers.

Galliard was next and Eren was about to consume the Cart Titan as well. Reiner tried to land a punch, which Eren evaded. He landed one blow on Reiner, rendering him unconscious in a matter of seconds. Eren retreats with Mikasa and leaves the scene.

4) Episode 76 (Season 4 Part 2)


This was the first episode of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2. During this episode, Reiner and Eren fought again, except this time, Reiner’s reinforcements played a huge role in dealing damage to Eren.

Eren displayed his sheer strength during the fight and bested the Armored Titan with a few hits. But just when it seemed like he had this one in the bag, Pieck, with the help of the Commander, was able to shoot Eren with the Anti-Titan weapon, leaving Eren stranded since he lost his motor control.