What happens to Eren in Attack on Titan's final season?

What happens to Eren in the concluding part of the Attack on Titan manga? (Image via MAPPA)
What happens to Eren in the concluding part of the Attack on Titan manga? (Image via MAPPA)

Attack on Titan, a manga that was released 12 years ago, finally ended in April this year. Ever since the conclusion of the manga, fans have been trying to connect the dots and understand what led to the events that transpired during the course of the last few chapters.

This article talks about what happened to the protagonist of Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager, along with certain details revolving around the conclusion of the manga.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from Attack on Titan manga.

Eren Yeager sought freedom at any cost

By chapter 139 of Attack on Titan, Eren is dead. He was someone who sought freedom even if it was at the cost of someone else’s life.

Eren acquires the power of the Founding Titan and hatches a plot to free the world from the tyranny of Titans.

Eren chose to activate the Rumbling and decided to kill 80% of the population. Attack on Titan’s protagonist opted for this approach in the hopes of making the Alliance the heroes of this battle. Upon doing so, Marley and Eldians would stop fighting and change their perception about the people living in Paradis. Apart from that, it would also mean that Titans would no longer exist.

At this point, Eren becomes the villain that all of humanity is fighting against. The last chapter of Attack on Titan revealed Eren’s thoughts and feelings towards his comrades, who are now tasked with killing him and saving the world. While it seemed like he detested his former comrades, he loved them more than anything and merely followed the path Ymir Fritz had set.

It is ironic how a man who sought freedom at any cost was shackled by the very chains of his cruel and vexing fate. Eren clearly admitted to the fact that he had feelings for Mikasa. Attack on Titan fans were deeply saddened to see Eren being beheaded by the one person he loved.

Fans of this series have expressed their frustration and sorrow upon reading the concluding bits of the manga. But, they are thankful towards Hajime Isayama for taking them on this long and beautiful journey.