Will Eren come back to Life in Attack on Titan?

Will Eren come back to Life in Attack on Titan? (Image via MAPPA)
Will Eren come back to Life in Attack on Titan? (Image via MAPPA)

Attack on Titan is just a few months away from releasing the concluding part of the anime. While some fans have been patiently waiting for the announcement of the concluding part, some have decided to read the manga to understand how the story concluded.

The Attack on Titan manga has been completed, and fans were quite shocked while reading the penultimate chapter, which is chapter 138. Attack on Titan fans could not believe their eyes as Eren died at the hands of Mikasa.

Fans questioned if Eren would come back to life, and the final chapter of the manga confirmed the protagonist’s fate. Eren remains dead in the last chapter of Attack on Titan.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from chapter 138 and chapter 139 of Attack on Titan.

Eren does not come back to life in Attack on Titan

When chapter 138 of the manga was released, fans could not come to terms with Eren’s death. Some Attack on Titan fans speculated that Eren could have transferred his consciousness just the way Reiner did. But none of those theories were true, as the final chapter of the manga confirmed Eren’s death. Therefore Eren will not come back to life.

Eren transformed into the founding Titan and died at the hands of the Alliance. Mikasa tightened her scarf and rushed towards Eren for the kill. She sliced Eren’s head off, kissed his severed head, and bid farewell. She brings his head towards Armin as they mourn the loss of their dear friend. Later, Eren is buried under the same tree where he napped as a child. His friends visit him, and Mikasa is clearly not over his death as she wants to see him again.


While the world is free of Titans, conflicts continue to remain, which endangers the lives of the people. Eren managed to achieve the ultimate goal, freedom and a world free of Titans. Not only that, but Marley realized and believed that Eldians were no longer a threat. Marley decided to end the war by accepting to be a part of the Allied Nations.

The ending of Attack on Titan was bittersweet as fans witnessed their favorite characters die. But Eren was able to achieve what he wanted. Fans have thanked Hajime Isayama for letting the audience embark on a wonderful journey that has now come to an end.

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