Attack on Titan Final season Part 2 Episode 3 was a rollercoaster and Twitter cannot keep calm

Colt holding on to Falco (Image via MAPPA)
Colt holding on to Falco (Image via MAPPA)

Attack on Titan final season Part 2 Episode 3 just finished airing, and the sheer brilliance of the episode has blown the collective minds of the Attack on Titan fandom. The episode was filled with ups and downs, and it was crammed end to end with impossibly crafted visuals and mind-boggling plot developments.

From Falco to Reiner to Eren to Gabi to Zeke, every character was in focus in this episode, and MAPPA’s animation made the already captivating twists even more elevated. No wonder fans have swarmed Twitter to express their elation and disbelief.

Fans take to Twitter to express disbelief after Attack on Titan Final season Part 2 Episode 3

Attack on Titan Final season Part 2 Episode 3 is titled “Two Brothers (Ani to Otouto)”. The first half begins with the end of Reiner and Eren’s fight and Reiner inadvertently sharing his memories of Marcel with Porco.

It then covers, in order: Zeke using his scream despite being aware that Falco has ingested his spinal fluid; Falco turning into a titan and eating Porco; Eren trying to get to Zeke; a traumatized Gabi shooting Eren’s head clean off with an Anti-Titan sniper rifle.

The second half continues with Eren’s head rolling off and Zeke catching it, a flashback of Eren agreeing to Zeke’s plan, Eren waking up in the World of the Paths, meeting the founder Ymir, and refusing to go along with Zeke’s plan thinking he has outsmarted Zeke.

The episode finally ends with Zeke outwitting Eren and, after restraining him, forcibly touching his forehead with Eren and seemingly acquiring the powers of the Founding Titan.

With this much happening in one single episode, the fans are very understandably confused and struggling to internalize the information.

However, what drew their attention the most was the beautiful animation by MAPPA. Especially the scenes during Eren’s entry to the World of Paths, and the animation of the eyes have received tremendous praise from the fans.

However, more people are astonished at Gabi shooting Eren and Eren’s head rolling directly into Zeke’s hands. Perhaps because of the foreshadowing from the trailer and the Attack on Titan Final season Part 2 Opening, not many fans are worried about Eren’s fate.

However, not many fans seem to dislike Gabi for it, like they did in Part 1. In fact, some fans have gone so far as to make memes about it.

As usual, fans are also happy to see Mikasa and Armin. But what broke fans’ hearts was Falco’s titan transformation and Colt’s fate.

In conclusion

Attack on Titan Final season Part 2 Episode 3 left fans both awed and itching for episode 4. Along with that, this episode completely decimated all the inhibitions anyone had about MAPPA animating Attack on Titan Final season Part 2.

The flawless execution and brilliant direction of the episode were only hindered by MAPPA keeping close to the original manga art style during the scenes in the World of Paths. However, that only lent authenticity and structural solidity to the entire symphony of Attack on Titan Final season Part 2 Episode 3.