Attack on Titan: Are Mikasa and Levi related? 

Mikasa and Levi Ackerman (Image via
Mikasa and Levi Ackerman (Image via

Attack on Titan is a supremely popular manga and anime, notorious for keeping readers and viewers on their toes. With soul-crushing character deaths, awe-inspiring revelations, and a plethora of mystery, it’s clear why Attack on Titan is a popular choice in the anime world.


As more mysteries get revealed, fans now have time to look into other questions, one of the major ones being the relationship between two of Attack on Titan's most outstanding fighters, Mikasa and Captain Levi Ackerman. With a shared last name, there's no doubt that Attack on Titan fans wonder whether they are related.

Mikasa and Levi first met each other in Attack on Titan, at Eren Yeager’s trial. After he had transformed into his Attack Titan, he went berserk on Mikasa, causing him to be detained. In order to show that he could be controlled, Levi beat Eren during the trial, ultimately saving his life. Not aware of this, Mikasa resented Levi.


In the battle against the Female Titan, Eren was captured, causing a rescue mission to be put into action. Mikasa’s resentment and her unwavering devotion to Eren led to her disobeying direct orders from Levi. This caused him to save her. Her inability to let go of her grudge caused the mission to almost fail, and Levi to take damage to his leg.

As Attack on Titan progressed, Mikasa came to see Levi in a new light and came to regret her negligence. She even defended the Captain when others questioned his integrity. Although she respected Captain Levi, Mikasa still showed that her loyalties were to Eren and Armin.

This was blatantly clear when Levi wanted to save Erwin’s life instead of Armin’s. Mikasa did not hesitate to threaten Levi in the defense of her friend.

Regardless of all she has done, Levi still cared for Mikasa and saved her life multiple times over the course of Attack on Titan.

Mikasa and Levi’s similarities

Apart from sharing the same surname, Mikasa and Levi are also two of the best fighters in the Attack on Titan universe. Even with her natural abilities and quick thinking, Mikasa still stares in awe at the mastery of Captain Levi. His skills are similar to hers but made better by his years of experience.

The similarities don’t stop there. Levi and Mikasa also share remarkably similar personalities. They are both exceptionally loyal, apathetic, and reserved, only speaking when necessary. Levi shows the same loyalty to Erwin as Mikasa has to Eren.

Beyond that, they both potentially share an uncle, Kenny Ackerman, also known as Kenny The Ripper. Both being shocked at the revelation, Mikasa was asked if she was related to Kenny. Not sure of the answer herself, Mikasa’s response was that in the past, the Ackermans were persecuted.

In the Attack on Titan world, it’s rare to see two characters with the same last name, who aren’t portrayed as outrightly related. In the case of Levi and Mikasa, while they are not siblings, there’s evidence that they are distant cousins. Especially with the revelation of the power they share with Kenny being thrown into the mix.


Moreover, Levi asked Mikasa if there was ever a moment where she felt a sudden surge of power within herself. When she confirms this, he reveals that he and his uncle Kenny experienced the same thing, alluding to a familial connection among the three of them.

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