Top 5 best Attack on Titan characters of all time

Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Yeager and Armin Arlet (Image via RottenTomatoes)
Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Yeager and Armin Arlet (Image via RottenTomatoes)

Rarely has an anime made such a significant impact as Attack on Titan. The mangaka Hajime Isayama did an excellent job of breaking away from stereotypes and predictability through the storyline.

Although it may seem cliche at first glance, this series is anything but a fictional rendition of the well-known man versus monster theme. This grants the anime the ability to captivate almost anyone.


Not only is the narrative in Attack on Titan extremely enchanting, but the characters are so well crafted, it is hard not to love them. Isayama has created complex characters who lack plot armor, meaning they are not immune to tragedy.

Encase these characters into some of the best animations, craftsmanship, and one of the greatest soundtracks out there, and it is clear to see why Attack on Titan would forever be a fan favorite.

With all this in mind, here's a look into five of the best characters this masterpiece has to offer.


Attack on Titan’s 5 Best Characters of All Time

5) Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith was introduced into the Attack on Titan world as the 13th Commander of the Survey Corps. He was discerning, intelligent, gallant, widely respected, and dedicated to the cause. All attributes that not only made him a fantastic commander but a great character as a whole.

Erwin was a complex character who was seen as majorly calculating and serious. Always planning to be a few steps ahead of his enemies. These attributes bode well for him as he was able to set aside his trust for his comrades and even sniff out the spy.


Through his efforts, humanity was able to charge into each catastrophe head-on and emerge on the other side to fight another day. Erwin was able to tap into the potential of his subordinates (Levi, for example) and was more than willing to lose a few of them despite how much he cared. Proving he would do anything for the survival of humanity.

Erwin’s personality traits and design demand that attention is paid. Which in and of itself is exactly what is needed to motivate and inspire new recruits to join the most dangerous branch of the military. He is an exemplary, inspiring character that perfectly portrays the risk-it-all attitude of the Survey Corps. He is, without a doubt, a great character in Attack on Titian.

4) Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa has been a fan-favorite since the first release of Attack on Titan. Even now, 4 seasons in, she still preserves her relevance. She became more relevant as the series progressed, for that matter. Mikasa was with the Yeager family since Eren saved her from traffickers who butchered her family, and she has not left his side since then. She developed an unwavering devotion to Eren far into her adult years.

As seen in season one, she has been a strong and intimidating character since her childhood. Clearly evident in the first episode as she warned off bullies attacking Armin and Eren. It's no question that when she joined the Survey Corps with them, she would blossom, graduating first in the 104th Training Corps.

She is a proven force to be reconned with, especially when it comes to Eren. Whether it be humans or titans, nothing can stand in her way. Mikasa is inarguably the best female character in Attack on Titan.

3) Armin Arlet

Armin is one of the central characters of Attack on Titan, being Eren’s childhood friend. His debut in Attack on Titan was a shaky one. He is a character that most fans deemed weak, timid, and overly compassionate upon introduction. Unknowingly for all, he would become the lifeline of the Survey Corps later down the line.

He is the only one who has been enthusiastic, uniquely insightful, and optimistic about life beyond the walls from the get-go. This optimism being contagious, unintentionally spread to others in the Corps. There would have been countless times where his unique perspective saved humanity. Without it, they may have been doomed.

Although he may not be the most capable fighter, he compensates with earnest compassion for both allies and enemies. Armin possessed the drive to develop as both a warrior and thinker, so his claiming of the Colossal Titan Power from Berthold was perfect. He was finally given an external form that matched his importance to the Attack on Titan storyline.

2) Eren Yeager

Eren had one of the most impressive character arcs of not only Attack on Titan, but the anime world in general. From the beginning, he was portrayed as a painfully annoying, vengeance-fuelled child. Granted, he had watched his mother being devoured by a Titan, but his outbursts towards that bordered on tiresome.

Eren’s discovery of his titan gave him an initial form of arrogance that furthered his being disliked by the Attack on Titan fandom. However, as Attack on Titan progressed he grew tremendously, turning his hatred into his motivation to free his people.

Eren realized that he wasn't the hero but he wouldn't let that stop him. Eren was a more realistic, refreshing break from the cliche. He grew increasingly less annoying and more likable. So much so that many fans completely disregarded his past grievances, viewing him in a new light.

1) Levi Ackerman

Captain Levi Ackerman’s position as Attack on Titan’s best boy is well deserved. He is a certified boss. Slaying any and every titan in his way, regardless of how difficult they seem. His ruthless demeanor, outstanding agility, and vicious strength evoke fear in all those who cross him.

Even his teammates feel threatened by him but respect him nonetheless because of his determination to protect humanity.


Levi is unquestionably the strongest human combatant in the Attack on Titan universe. Followed only by Mikasa Ackerman in proficiency. Whilst their relationship has not technically been revealed, it is speculated that they can be distant cousins. Not only because of the shared last name but because of the power they share with Kenny the Ripper.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

Who is your favorite Attack on Titan character? Let us know in the comments below!

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