Does Levi die in Attack on Titan? The fate of the hero explained

Does Levi die in Attack on Titan anime? (Image via Twitter/ @Funimation)
Does Levi die in Attack on Titan anime? (Image via Twitter/ @Funimation)

Attack On Titan fans have wondered if the captain of the Scout Regiment, Levi, has made it to the end of the manga well and alive. While he was destined to meet his end during the finale of Attack On Titan, Levi did not die.

Attack On Titan is one of the most popular and successful anime series of this generation, based on manga series of the same name. Creator Hajime Isayama has put his heart and soul into creating this masterpiece, that has death circling around the characters owing to the extremely powerful Titans.

Does Levi actually die in the Attack on Titan finale?

Attack On Titan is a show that is not afraid to kill characters that people love. In this case, Attack On Titan the community was wondering if fan-favourite Levi was going to die at the end of the show.

Levi had captured Zeke, the Beast Titan. While guarding him, Levi's squad ended up drinking the wine that was spiked with Zeke's spinal fluid, allowing him to change them into Titans using his Beast Titan yell. Zeke tried to escape and in the process, Levi killed all 30 Titans by himself.

Levi successfully recaptured Zeke, but they were both blown to bits. Hange managed to find Levi lying down; badly injured and struggling to move. Hange falsely reported the incident to Floch and stated that Levi had died. However, he was alive and she managed to escape with him.

How did Levi survive when he was meant to die?

The captain of the Scout Regiment was supposed to die in the finale, but Hajime Isayama decided to change the course of the story, and kept him alive. This was revealed in an interview with one of his editors, Shintaro Kawakubo. He said:

"The opposite of what ending Levi got in the last chapter was an option at one point. Isayama said it is okay to have a story where Levi dies.”

Attack On Titan editor, Kawakubo would hold meetings with Hajime Isayama every time the mangaka wanted to kill a character. A similar meeting was held in order to discuss whether Levi’s death was meaningful in any way, and Isayama was not able to justify his death. Therefore, Isayama decided to reconsider his decision to kill the Scout Regiment Captain.

The editor said:

"If a character's death is meaningful, then so be it. We try to figure out whether the death is meaningful from the story's perspective. In Levi's face, Isayama reconsidered his decision."

Attack On Titan fans are breathing a sigh of relief as the captain of the Scout Regiment is alive.

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