How does the Attack on Titan manga end? Final chapter spoilers, unexpected deaths and more

How does the Attack on Titan manga end? (Image via MAPPA)
How does the Attack on Titan manga end? (Image via MAPPA)

The Attack on Titan manga concluded 11 years after its first chapter came out. The creation is hailed as Hajime Isayama's masterpiece, and fans have been thanking the mangaka for letting them be a part of this journey.

The concluding arc of Attack on Titan was the darkest of the lot. Fans witnessed unexpected deaths that shook the community to its core. While the conclusion may not have been what fans were expecting, the final plot was much more than satisfactory.

This article contains major spoilers from chapters 132, 138 and 139 of the Attack on Titan manga.

How does Attack on Titan End?

Attack on Titan had quite the unexpected finale, and has left fans shocked. Some fans even mentioned how it took them a few days to digest the conclusion of this show.

Eren activates the rumbling. Rumbling is something that the founding Titan can activate, which would unleash about 600,000 Colossal Titans which would trample everything in their way.

Eren literally wipes out 80% of the population using Rumbling. Eren did this with the intention to wipe out the entire human race, making him the biggest villain towards the end.

When Eren used his Founding Titan powers to have a conversation with Armin, fans realized that it was a calculated move. It would ensure that the Alliance would be viewed as heroes. When people regained their memories, Marley decided to stop waging war and joined the Allied Nations.

Attack on Titan concluded with Eren at the hands of Mikasa. She sliced his head off, and proceeded to kiss Eren’s head. She was filled with sorrow and as she bid him goodbye. Mikasa and Armin mourned the loss of their close friend, and buried Eren under the tree where he used to nap as a kid.

Unexpected deaths in Attack on Titan

One of the most heartbreaking deaths took place in chapter 132. A Wall Titan approached the plane, which carried Hange and the rest of the team. Hange didn’t want any of the Titan shifters to die.

In order to buy some time for the rest of the team, she killed a few Wall Titans. However, Hange was burnt alive and stomped on by one of them in the process.

Another unexpected death that took place in Attack on Titan Season 4 part 1, was when Gabi snuck into the airship and killed Sasha. Gabi was a candidate for inheriting the powers of a Titan.

She detested the people of Paradis as Eren slaughtered many people, including the War Hammer Titan on Marleyan soil. She snuck into the airship and managed to kill Sasha Blouse.

Fans reacting to Eren's death in the manga (Screengrab via YouTube/ Anime Balls Deep)
Fans reacting to Eren's death in the manga (Screengrab via YouTube/ Anime Balls Deep)

Attack on Titan fans definitely did not expect Eren to die at the end of the series. Eren could have stayed alive if he chose to, since he had the powers of the Founding Titan.

But he voluntarily became the villain so the Alliance could emerge as heroes from this encounter. Many fans were shocked and took to social media to express their disbelief.

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