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Understanding why Dazno is one of the most hated characters in Naruto (Image credits: Masashi Kishimoto/ Shueisha, Viz, Naruto)

Why the Naruto fandom mutually hates Danzo, explained

Over the course of Naruto, fans have been introduced to a huge array of characters. One such character is Danzo Shimura, and those who have watched Naruto religiously will know quite a lot about him already.

Danzo Shimura is one of the most well-known characters in the series, but for all the wrong reasons. He is not loved by the entire fanbase, but regardless plays a huge role in the overall plot of the series. He is also responsible for many of the deaths that took place throughout the course of Naruto. Let’s take a look at why Danzo is probably one of the most hated characters in the show.


Looking into Danzo’s past and his actions in the Naruto series

Danzo Shimura was someone who aspired to become the Hokage at some point. He was someone who did not shy away from using violent methods to reach his goals.


There are a lot of things that Danzo did which led to the entire fanbase hating this character. While some might look at Danzo as someone who was loyal to the village, there were numerous instances where he could have helped. It was very clear that he was someone who sought power in order to bolster the strength of any village.

While this might be a good thing, he would often do this at the cost of people’s lives.


His training methods for the members of Root were quite questionable and even used curse marks. He was responsible for the death of the entire Uchiha clan since he spearheaded the operation and came up with the idea. He forced Itachi to carry out the massacre.

The entire Uchiha clan died, including young children and mothers. Danzo was responsible for this and the fanbase certainly made their feelings clear on numerous social media platforms and forums.

Fanart Le combo : faucon -> shiruken + coup de sabre de Sasuke
Une scène qui m'a marqué dans le combat contre Sasuke Uchiha
. DANZO Shimura ⚔

This is a man that didn’t have a moral compass and would often overlook the consequences of any action provided the tradeoff was more valuable. He was someone who supported Orochimaru in the Naruto series as well.

Orochimaru was similar to Danzo in the sense that he would do anything to achieve his goals. He has killed numerous people and tested on humans in order to increase his power and become a shinobi capable of taking down anyone he wished to. Danzo worked with Orochimaru on numerous occasions but never wanted this information to be leaked anywhere.

He is also someone who says that his actions are in the interests of Konoha’s safety, but never did anything when the village was being attacked by Pain. These are just some of the reasons why Danzo is hated in the Naruto series.

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