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James Gunn stands firm in his decision to delay the release of The Batman Part 2, citing the importance of delivering a high-quality film for fans (Image via Sportskeeda)

James Gunn defends his decision for Batman 2 despite backlash

The Batman 2 has been one of the most highly anticipated films since the release of its predecessor in 2022, and fans are now waiting to see what director Matt Reeves has in store for the upcoming movie. However, James Gunn, the co-CEO of DC Studios, is facing backlash for the delay in the film's release, which is set to hit theaters in October 2025.

Despite the criticism, James Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran stood by the decision, stating that the delay is necessary to ensure the highest quality product is delivered to fans. James Gunn took to social media to explain his reasoning, stating that Reeves needs the necessary time to create a crime saga that will ultimately benefit fans.


Similarly, Safran has also expressed his excitement for the sequel and his hopes for its success, ensuring fans that the extra time will be worth the wait. With the release date set, the production process for The Batman 2 is in full swing, and fans are eager to see the result.

Despite criticism, James Gunn stands by the delayed release of The Batman 2, stating director Matt Reeves needs the necessary time

Matt Reeves gets the time he needs for The Batman 2 (Image via Warner Bros)

James Gunn's decision to delay the release of The Batman 2 has drawn mixed reactions from fans eagerly awaiting the sequel. However, the DC Studios CEO is defending his choice by stating that the extra time will allow director Matt Reeves to create the best product.


In a statement on social media, Gunn explained that rushing the production process would only result in a subpar film. He emphasized that the delay is necessary to ensure that Reeves can develop his vision for a Batman crime saga, including a Penguin TV series.

@s_bharmal_ @vita_ozymandias @DaveBautista @FandomWire I'm not sure where you're getting your production dates, but Batman 2 is coming out as early as it possibly can, with enough time for Matt to do what he needs to do to make it as great as possible.

Despite criticism for the delay, James Gunn finds it confusing that fans often demand more time for Marvel Studios productions but then ask for The Batman Part 2 to be rushed. He confirmed that the film is still on track for release as early as possible, with enough time for Reeves to deliver a stellar final product.

James Gunn's commitment to allowing Reeves the necessary time to develop his vision is a promising sign for fans. The delay may be disappointing for some, but it ultimately delivers the best possible film.

DCU co-CEO Peter Safran thrilled for The Batman 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Moreover, the Co-CEO of DC Studios, Peter Safran, shares fans' excitement for the release of The Batman 2 and is confident in the success of the upcoming sequel. In an interview with DC.com, alongside James Gunn, Safran has claimed that they're fully invested in the franchise and believes that director Matt Reeves has "amazing stuff" in store for fans of the caped crusader.

James Gunn said:

"Matt is working on The Batman – Part 2, which he thinks of as a Batman crime saga that also includes the Penguin TV series. The Batman is its own thing. Matt's hard at work on it. He came in and pitched us some amazing stuff the other day, so our plan is for that to continue."

Peter Safran concurred and stated:

"Fully invested in the success of The Batman just like we are everything else."
Production for The Batman 2 begins in November 2023, release set for October 2025 (Image via Warner Bros)

With production scheduled to begin in November 2023 and the film's release set for October 2025, fans can expect a carefully crafted and well-executed story continuation.

Moreover, The Batman 2 will be complemented by the release of another Batman-centric film under the DCU, The Brave and the Bold, ensuring that fans of the franchise will have plenty to look forward to in the coming years. With James Gunn and Peter Safran at the franchise's helm, fans can rest assured that The Batman 2 will be well worth the wait.

In summation

The Batman 2 delay ensures a better experience for fans (Image via Warner Bros)

The delay in the release of The Batman 2 may have disappointed some fans, but the film's creators are fully committed to delivering a top-notch product. The extra time to perfect the movie is a testament to their dedication to the franchise and desire to provide fans with the best possible experience.

The assurance was given by James Gunn, Peter Safran, and Matt Reeves that the delay would be worth it and that fans would not be disappointed, a welcome sign for those eagerly anticipating the sequel. Thus, with its November 2023 production start date and two-year production schedule, The Batman 2 is set to hit theaters in October 2025, promising to be a fantastic addition to DCU's lineup.

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