Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been a great servant to Indian cricket

5 MS Dhoni records that might not be broken

The journey of MS Dhoni from a local lad from Ranchi to the world’s most successful captain is very much known to most of the people here. What makes his journey even more special is the number of times he has inscribed his name in the history books.


Starting in 2004, his growth was unbelievable as he broke many records at ease and become a mainstay in the team.

He filled the void of a reliable wicketkeeper that the team was searching for a long time. He gave the much-needed spirit as a captain post-2007 WC elimination and brought the lost lustre into the team.

Dhoni has been an amazing batsman too, he won many games single-handedly and provided the much-needed acceleration in the slog overs.

In his long career, MS Dhoni created and broke many records among which we list down 5 records that shall stand the test of time.

#1 Only Captain to win all the 3 ICC trophies

Dhoni is the only skipper to win all three ICC trophies

MS Dhoni’s reign as a captain was unarguably the golden era for Indian cricket. He rescued the team from a dip post-2007 World Cup knockout and he brought laurels to the team by winning series after series.

His captaincy was highly lauded by the cricketing greats and fans. The calmness he carries during the tense situations and his unmatchable decision making skill are the vital reasons for his successful stint as a captain.

Consequently, he claimed all the 3 ICC trophies in his stint which no other captain has been able to do in the history of cricket: T20 World Cup in 2007, ODI World Cup in 2011 and Champions Trophy in 2013.

This record is highly unlikely to be broken as the Champions Trophy tournament may die out very soon. Also, the teams have different captains for different formats and a captain winning all the 3 trophies looks a distant dream.


#2 Only player to lead a team in 6 WT20s

Dhoni has led India in six World T20s so far

The 2007 World T20 held at South Africa was the first tournament MS Dhoni captained and he emerged successful too. Though he couldn’t repeat the feat again, he remained the captain for India in next 5 WT20 editions.

India lost to Sri Lanka in the 2014 finals, which was the closest since then. In the 2016 edition, they were knocked out in semis after the West Indies chased down a mammoth 192-run total.


There is no other player who had captained more than thrice in WT20. One needs to be a captain for at least 10-12 years to break this record and thus making it a difficult record to be broken. It's tougher than it looks as a player needs to maintain his form and fitness which only a few players have been able to do in the pasts.

As MS Dhoni had stepped down from captaincy in 2017, the 2020 WT20 edition will see Kohli taking charge which is set to take place in Australia.

#3 Fastest player to attain No.1 position in ICC ODI rankings

Dhoni held the numero uno position for a sufficiently long time

MS Dhoni’s rise in Indian cricket was quick as he grew up to become the captain in just 3 years. Breaking into the scene in 2004, he was out for nought in his debut match but from then on he hardly looked back as he constantly accumulated runs which propelled him up the rankings.

183* against Sri Lanka in 2005, 148 against Pakistan in 2005 are some of the best innings where he won the match for the team and also groomed himself up. At the end of 42 innings, MS Dhoni had already reached the top spot in ODI batsmen rankings, thus becoming the fastest player to do so.


The record has been with MS Dhoni and looks to remain with him forever as none of the other players have been able to break it since then. With the competition being immense, its really doubtful if any other player will be able to break this record.

#4 Most stumpings in International cricket

Dhoni is renowned for his lightning-quick glovework behind the wicket

The 3 things that come to our mind when we speak about MS Dhoni are his brilliant captaincy, finishing ability and his wicketkeeping skills.

If one could measure lightening and MS Dhoni’s speed behind the stumps, it's highly likely that both will measure the same. The stumping speed of MS Dhoni stands around 0.06-0.09 second which needs some insane ability to do so.

The former Indian captain has been really amazing behind the stumps as hardly any player would dare to leave the crease when he’s keeping behind. He currently holds the record for most stumpings which is humongous 188 dismissals. Kumar Sangakkara stands next in the list with 139 dismissals.

In the present era, Sarfraz Ahmed is the closest with 54 while Quinton de Kock has 25. The deficit between Dhoni and other wicketkeepers is very large and thus it forms a reason why MS Dhoni could hold this record forever in the record books.


#5 Most International matches as captain

MS can boast of a cool head over his shoulders

MS Dhoni was given the captaincy after India were knocked out in group stages in 2007 WC held in the Carribean.

Dhoni’s first game as captain was against Pakistan in WT20 in 2007. He captained the side for 10 years across various formats of the game and emerged as one of the successful captains of Indian cricket. Dhoni retired from Tests in 2014 and he officially stepped down from ODI and T20I captaincy in 2017.

In his 10 year stint as captain, Dhoni led the team in 331 matches of which he won 178 games thus having a win percentage of 53.61. Ricky Ponting stands next in the list with 324 games.

Among the current era captains, Virat Kohli stands the second after Dhoni with 126 games and Kane Williamson stands next with 116 matches.

The difference is yet again a reason why Dhoni might hold this record forever. Teams having different captains across different format is the other reason for this record to remain unbroken.

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