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Coin Master free spin link (February 6): How to get free spins

Coin Master players can conclude the week on a high note with a new rewards link that went live today. By hitting the Coin Master's Twitter link, players will receive some significant incentives in terms of free spins, dependent on their in-game progress.

Players should be aware that not every participant receives the same advantage from the Coin Master reward links. When a new player clicks on a rewards link, they receive the "minimum reward". The magnitude of a reward is determined by the player's current level of progress.


Get free spin rewards in Coin Master today (February 6)

The Coin Master free spin prize for today can be found in the tweet below, and to obtain the free spins, players must click the tweet on a device that has the game installed. Like past rewards, today's link was also released on the official Twitter handle:

The link does not provide the same number of free spins to all players; instead, all new players with levels of 20 or lower will receive a minimum price of 25 free spins. The prize increases to 200 free spins if the same link is used on an account with a 175+ level.


Why do developers offer free spins?

"Why do developers offer free spins?" and "why are all of their rewards based on the player's level?" are some of the frequently asked questions by Coin Master players. The reason for this is based on the cost of construction for each level and the value of free spins in earning resources.

The developers decide on a building cost for each level to create a rank advancement timeline and make future upgrades to the game. The conditional rewards system ensures that the game's rank-up process follows the developers' plans and timing.

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As a result, different levels of players receive a different number of free spins, such as expert players who seek more incredible prizes and more spins than their beginner counterparts. If novices are allowed 200 spins like expert players, they will go through the levels too rapidly and vice versa, disrupting the developer's game schedule.

Finally, the official Twitter and Instagram accounts regularly hold additional free spins identical to the rewards provided above. There are various advantages to following Coin Master on social media, including raid madness contests and reward links.

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