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IShowSpeed confirmed to not be involved in viral video (Image via Sportskeeda)

Did IShowSpeed get assaulted? Debunking the viral video in which the YouTube star "gets jumped"

On March 20, 2023, a verified Twitter user (@crazy30secs) posted a 26-second-long video clip, purportedly featuring Darren "IShowSpeed," a well-known YouTube streamer.

The video depicts two individuals squaring up against each other, with a white guy attacking an African-American who resembles IShowSpeed from the pixelated video.


Many believe that the person being attacked in the video is Darren because the African-American creator has a similar hairstyle to the Ohio-born YouTuber. However, it has been confirmed that the former was not involved in the scrimmage.

Popular streamer IShowSpeed gets jumped...

IShowSpeed's manager Slipz debunks video alleging the creator getting attacked

Despite the similarities in appearances between the man in the video and Darren, it was confirmed that the YouTuber was not involved in the altercation. Slipz, who is IShowSpeed's manager and cameraman, refuted the rumors by quoting the tweet. He wrote:

"that’s not.. nvm"
that’s not.. nvm twitter.com/crazy30secs/st…
Popular streamer IShowSpeed gets jumped...

As a public figure with a large following, IShowSpeed would want to keep his fans informed and provide clarity on the situation. Thus, his silence on the matter has raised some doubts about the veracity of the video.

Despite the apparent silence from the YouTuber, the online community has been swift to share their opinions. While many still believe that the streamer was the victim in the video, those who have realized the truth have responded with a flurry of trolls.

One user comically remarked that had the streamer been involved in reality, he would have shelled out his signature "barking" gesture. They wrote:

@crazy30secs I don’t think it’s Speed, I heard no high pitch squeals and no barking.

This user disputed the claims made about the original video, which described the incident as a "jumping," a term used to refer to an ambush. They posted:

@crazy30secs It wasn’t him, and no one got jumped in this video

Another verified account (@JayCartere) had similar ideas on the concept of being "jumped." They said:

@crazy30secs Jumped?

Jumped is when you get ambushed and beat up by a group

He got beat up by 1 teenager

Sad to see it

Another user displayed impressive word-play skills:

@crazy30secs That’s IShowSwings not IShowSpeed

This user referred to one of Darren's controversial business decisions when he promoted a crypto project called Paradox Metaverse, which was alleged to be a scam. They wrote:

@crazy30secs He probably invested in that crypto speed was marketing a while ago and got scammed

Another user observed that the person speculated to be in the video appeared taller than the creator, who stands at around 5 feet 8 inches. They replied:

@JayCartere @crazy30secs That’s not even speed he’s to tall speeds like 5’ 8”

Meanwhile, the Ohio-born streamer did recently make it to the headlines after a failed attempt to cut his own hair. To read about the entire story, click here.

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