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FIFA 23 Super Lig TOTS squad revealed (Image via EA Sports)

EA Sports reveal FIFA 23 Super Lig TOTS roster; Valencia and Borini lead the pack

The Super Lig TOTS roster in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has been revealed by EA Sports, with special cards featuring players such as Valencia, Borini, and Icardi leading the pack. Team of the Season for minor leagues has been a hit with FUT enthusiasts who recognize the potential of getting their hands on cards from the promo without spending too much.

The Turkish league features some great talents but is nowhere near as popular as the major European leagues, which directly correlates to the price of the cards from the league.


However, the Team of the Season series is known for its amazing upgrades to base stats, meaning FIFA 23 players looking to bag unique cards should try to obtain one from the Super Lig TOTS roster.

The Super Lig TOTS roster brings some solid cards to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Turkey's absolute finest

The #FIFA23 @superlig Team of the Season is upon us. Only in #FUT


Team of The Season commemorates footballers who had an exceptional season over the year by boosting their stats across the board. This has made the promo one of the most sought-after series because of how overpowered some cards get due to the upgrades.


With the Super Lig rapidly approaching its final stages, Galatasaray sit atop the table, with Fenerbahce and Besiktas trailing by just five points. With only a couple of matchdays left, EA has released the TOTS squad as another FUT season enters its last few months.

Here is a list of all the Super Lig Team of the Season players with their overall ratings:

  • Valencia: 93
  • Borini: 92
  • Icardi: 92
  • Mertens: 91
  • Ndiaye: 90
  • Kadioglu: 89
  • Gunok: 89
  • Bardakci: 88
Super Lig TOTS’u nasıl buldunuz?

Boey yok, Mertens var

Two more Super Lig TOTS cards have also been released in FIFA 23. They are:

  • Redmond: 90
  • Sergio Oliveira: 90

Unlike the main squad, these two are comparatively easier to contain. FIFA 23 players must complete a dedicated objective for Redmond's 90-rated card and a single-task Squad Building Challenge (SBC) for the Team of the Season Sergio Oliveira card.

Are the Super Lig TOTS cards worth it?


Like other minor league releases, the main roster consists of these eight cards. With three strikers, two midfielders, two defenders, and a goalkeeper, the team remains balanced. Players looking for a quick Forward with high shooting and dribbling stats should consider Valencia, thanks to his near-perfect 99-pace rating.

The 91-rated Mertens is a well-rounded CAM. His TOTS card also features high stats, with good shooting and dribbling ratings. The Turkish RB Kadioglu is a decent choice for the backline, and his high pace and dribbling stats make him perfect for running down the right lane during counterattacks.

Other players such as Icardy, Redmond, and Oliveira have nice stats for their pricepoint, making the Turkish league's Team of the Season a nice addition to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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