Players will have to do a bit of traveling and dancing in order to claim the fairies in the East Forest (Image via BattleBunny/YouTube)

Every Tunic fairy location in the East Forest

Players of Tunic need to be on the lookout for a special kind of fairy that is located in secret locations throughout the game. These fairies will test their wits, the completion of which will give them special rewards.

There are 20 secret fairies in total, and the East Forest houses two of them. This is where players can find the two fairies located inside the East Forest in Tunic.


Every fairy location within the East Forest in Tunic

Players can utilize the Holy Cross (D-pad directions) to unlock the secrets of hidden fairies within the world of Tunic. They can find hidden locations and respond to different puzzles by utilizing the Holy Cross so that they can gain the fairy for each specific puzzle.

There are 20 fairies in all, and it is best to consult the in-game instruction booklet and think outside the box to complete all the puzzles.


The first East Forest Fairy

Players must mirror the dance of the ghost in the East Forest in order to claim the first Fairy (Image via BattleBunny/YouTube)

Finding this fairy can be a little tricky. The first thing that players must do is go to the bed in the Old House and use it to set the game into the night-time. Once it is night, they should head to the east when they enter the East Forest.

This will bring them to a ghost that is dancing. Players simply need to mirror the dance moves using the Holy Cross (ghosts left equals players right, etc.) to unlock the fairy.


The Second Fairy in the East Forest

Players will have to do a bit of traveling in order to find the missing pieces and claim this fairy (Image via Tunic)

This part involves collecting numerous pieces from within the world to create the path players will need to use for the Holy Cross. When the player encounters this fairy location, they will notice that a lot of the pieces are missing to create the path. Unfortunately, this means the player will have to travel around the world to collect these missing pieces. The pieces can be found in the following locations:

  • Off of the beach down south, players can locate a piece inside of the water.
  • One is found when the player nears the Old Burying Ground entrance.
  • Players can locate one near the entrance to the Western Garden.
  • The top is inside of the Western Garden

Combining the pieces together

Once players have all of the pieces, they can assemble them together to form the path they need to input with the Holy Cross. Players should take the piece from the Western Garden to form the top, the piece from the Old Burying Ground and the Water are for the bottom, and the last piece near the entrance is for the middle. Assemble these together and players will be able to solve the puzzle.


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