TUNIC guide: 5 early game tips for beginners

The main character in TUNIC is an anthropomorphic fox (Image via Finji)
The main character in TUNIC is an anthropomorphic fox (Image via Finji)

After getting announced way back in E3 2018, TUNIC was finally released on March 16, 2022. The indie game from Finji features an anthropomorphic fox on its journey to the unknown, unfolding secrets and collecting treasures.

At first glance, the game may look simple. But falling for its cute looks would be a sin as the game features hardcore combat and precise timing of movement, much similar to the recently released Elden Ring. As a salt to the wound, the game also features indecipherable language from the in-game world, making the game even more challenging to understand.


Under such circumstances, the tips presented below will help players during the early phase of the game.

Early game tips for beginners in TUNIC

TUNIC is more of a ruthless, souls-y, sprawling exploration game filled with action and adventure. Its isometric form of view has the potential to hide a ton of items and secrets from sight.

While reviewing the game, a handful of hurdles came in the way of exploration, out of which there is one language barrier. Due to this, the instructions provided were way too few, and things needed to be figured out manually.

Here are some early game tips for players who have just started or are going to start their journey in a world of unknowns:

1) Use the extended isometric view

Normal isometric view
Normal isometric view

The game, which has an isometric view, can easily deceive players from missing out on sure treasures and secret pathways that often hide behind regular objects. As a result, players are advised to check every corner they explore in a particular area.

Extended top-down view
Extended top-down view

This additional effort will be rewarded well, resulting in zero dissatisfaction. These rewards often help get a better understanding of the game's world, ultimately helping with the story's progression.

2) Level up at fox-figured shrines

Fox-shaped shrine in TUNIC
Fox-shaped shrine in TUNIC

If it's unclear at the beginning of the game, TUNIC does have a leveling-up system. Stats like attack, defense, magic, stamina, and health can be leveled up at fox-shaped shrines. This can be done using different and specific items collected while progressing with the story at the cost of some golden materials.

These golden materials act like currency and can quickly be gained after beating certain enemies. Fox-shaped shrines also serve as spots to save the game and allow players to refill their health and stamina. However, it must be remembered that after filling health, enemies will respawn, nodding at a hint directly towards Dark Souls.

3) Don't rush while engaging in combat. Instead, read the movement of enemies and react accordingly

An undeground location in TUNIC
An undeground location in TUNIC

Like Elden Rings, TUNIC's enemies also have a specific movement pattern. Although the latter is not as hardcore as the former, boss fights still manage to give some severe headaches. Under such circumstances, players are advised not to rush into their enemies while spamming their keyboard or gamepad.

Instead, they should read the movements of enemies and react accordingly. Sometimes, a simple block will stun a particular enemy, resulting in an easy takedown.

4) Take down enemies one by one

There will be several occasions in the game when enemies appear in a group or gang up to form a formidable force. Multiple enemies ganging up on TUNIC's protagonist might seem quite intimidating to some players.

So, it is suggested to lure enemies and take them down individually. This will create less commotion and frustration but comes at the cost of more time consumption. Taking down enemies individually will require lesser use of secondary weapons like firecrackers and firebombs, resulting in the mastery of the sword.

5) Prefer smart work over hard work

It might seem like a certain enemy is difficult to defeat using the melee weapons provided. Several reasons like ranged damage and overpowered melee damage might result in players thinking their enemies are invincible, which is often not the case.

Freezing enemies can be a smart way of defeating them
Freezing enemies can be a smart way of defeating them

Under such circumstances, players are advised to study the environment and take their enemies down smartly. Often, it can be seen that certain enemies are at a lower elevation than that of the fox.

Explosives come in handy during these times. Players can press the LT button on their gamepad, lock onto a particular enemy or group of enemies like spiders, and continue bombardment until they are eradicated.

While these are some of the few tips mentioned, several other suggestions will be mentioned in more guides in the upcoming days.

On March 16, 2022, TUNIC was released worldwide for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and macOS. It is also available on the Xbox Game Pass from the first day itself.

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