Every HP upgrade location in TUNIC

Withstand more damage by increasing health (Image via Tunic Team)
Withstand more damage by increasing health (Image via Tunic Team)

TUNIC, developed by Tunic Team, has been a fantastic experience for many. It has wonderful colors, a unique art style, and clear inspiration from other beloved games like Dark Souls and Legend of Zelda. Players are given the opportunity to romp through this beautiful world as a fox warrior.

Among its many game mechanics, players only have a limited health pool. But certain rare Flowers serve as HP upgrades in TUNIC. Sacrifice the Flowers to any fox statue, and the player will be rewarded with more health. Here’s the location of every HP upgrade in TUNIC.

TUNIC: Where to find every Flower to upgrade the HP stat

Where to find the first HP upgrade in an abandoned home


Head west from the old house to reach one of the golden pedestals. You’ll see the windmill on the cliff to the north. Keep heading west, past the golden pedestal, to reach a ramp.

Go down the ramp and you’ll see a nearby opening in the mountainside with a bright orange glow emanating from it. Enter the opening to an empty room. There’s another doorway at the top, containing several chests. One is housing a Flower.

Locating the second Flower in the Overworld


Enter the old brick house and pass through the hidden opening against the western wall. Continue through the ruins and pop out the other side. Head west, along the water’s edge, for an Attack upgrade. Keep following this path up a pair of ramps.

Cross the wooden bridge, past the Dark Tomb dungeon, and cross another. Climb the nearby series of ladders to the top for another Flower.

Where to find the third HP upgrade in Frog’s Domain


On your way through Frog’s Domain, stop at the first fox statue you’ll come to. There will be a pool of water nearby and a ladder next to the fox statue. Defeat the frog enemies and enter through the western doorway.

Turn right in the hallway and enter the room at the end. Open the chest on the top floor, guarded by three frog enemies. It contains another HP upgrade.

Collect the final Flower in West Garden


To reach the Flower in West Garden in TUNIC, you’ll first need to obtain the blink dash ability via the laurel wreath. You’ll want to be in the westernmost section of West Garden. If you look down from the cliff, there are a few small islands: one has a tree, another has a chest.

Nearby is a submerged path that’s barely visible. You’ll notice the darker sections are the paths you must follow. Use the blink dash ability to close any gaps you come across to reach the island and, ultimately, another HP upgrade.

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