How to upgrade your attack in TUNIC

Use Jagged Teeth to upgrade attack (Image via Tunic Team)
Use Jagged Teeth to upgrade attack (Image via Tunic Team)

The indie hit TUNIC is leading players through a wonderfully colorful world, with a complementary art style to boot. It’s been a very positive experience for many, specifically pointing to its gameplay and Soulsborne-like combat as favorable aspects.

What’s unique about the game is how it blends various gameplay mechanics together. In addition to a health bar, the fox has a limited pool of stamina and magic. Most importantly, all stats can be upgraded. For example, totems increase defense.

To upgrade the Attack stat, players must sacrifice a Jagged Tooth. Here’s where to find each and every attack upgrade.

TUNIC: Where to find every Jagged Tooth to upgrade the Attack stat

Locating the Jagged Tooth in the Overworld


On your journey in TUNIC, you’ll pass a brick building, just below the windmill. Unlock the townhouse and enter the hidden opening at the western wall. Grab the shield on your way through the ruins.

Continue through the ancient ruins until you come out on the other side. Walk west, along the water's edge, to a chest. Inside is a Jagged Tooth.

Where the Attack Upgrade is in West Garden


Make your way to the second fox statue inside West Garden. From there, go west, across the bridge, to a large open area. You should see a glowing purple path surrounded by blue tiles.

There’s a ladder nearby that you should climb. To your right is a chest. Open it to collect another Jagged Tooth.

Grab the third Jagged Tooth in Frog’s Domain


As you're passing through the Frog’s Domain in TUNIC, you come to a set of golden doors. Generally speaking, the doors are located in the center of the entire dungeon. However, this requires raising the gate.

As you’re facing the door, there’s a chest to the right. It’s easily missed due to the lighting and colors. Open it to collect another Jagged Tooth.

Where to collect the final Attack Upgrade in the Quarry


There’s a pink, glowing path in the Quarry that you can follow that leads straight to a fox statue. From there, it’s a matter of clearing out the enemies and reaching the drawbridge. By lowering the drawbridge, you’ll create a direct path to a chest containing the last and final Jagged Tooth.

To upgrade the Attack stat, visit the nearest fox statue. Open your inventory and navigate to the Jagged Tooth. Offer them to the statue. Do note there’s a cost to upgrading your Attack stat. The Attack stat can be upgraded to level 5 in TUNIC.

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