How to upgrade defense in TUNIC

Upgrade defense to withstand more damage (Image via Tunic Team)
Upgrade defense to withstand more damage (Image via Tunic Team)

The hit indie title TUNIC is no stranger to collectible items. In fact, players should go out of their way to explore every nook and cranny for valuable items. This mostly comes in the form of chests, which can contain gold, but, more importantly, upgrades to the fox protagonist.

To upgrade a stat, users have to find a specific item associated with it. For example, mushrooms increase the amount of magic they are is capable of casting. There’s also Jagged Teeth for raising attack damage.

Of course, there are also Totems, which improve the fox’s defense.

TUNIC: Where to find every Totem to upgrade the defense stat

Locating the Totem in the Well


In the northern section of the Overworld in TUNIC, there’s a well. Climb down the ladders to enter the sewers or “Beneath the Well.” There are multiple rooms and sections, so progress through until reaching the area where there’s a small drawbridge. This is past the first fox statue.

Progress through the sewers until the drawbridge is lowered. Upon crossing and entering the room at the edge, climb the ladder to the left. Among a few vases is a chest. Open it to receive a Totem.

Pick up another Totem in the Dark Tomb


If gamers continue from where they picked up the first defense upgrade in TUNIC, they’ll come to a secret area in the Dark Tomb lit by a purple pillar. Keep note of this place as it’s the focus for finding the next Totem down below. Exit the well and enter the Dark Tomb from the front door.

As users progress through Dark Tomb, they’ll eventually come to the purple pillar mentioned earlier, but now, they’re at the bottom. Go around the pillar to open the chest for another defense upgrade.

Another defense upgrade is in the Ruined Atoll


Among the ruins of the Ruined Atoll, there’s a giant pillar that needs to be activated to progress. Players will find it at the top of a hill with a long red bridge attached to it. Climb to the middle of the hill and to the left.

There’s a hidden path that leads users around the hill and onto the bridge. At the end of the bridge is a chest. Open it to receive another Totem.

The final defense upgrade is in the Quarry


Before venturing into the Quarry in TUNIC, it would be best to have the Scavenger Mask. Within the Quarry are veins of black and purple stone that, when approached too closely, can hurt gamers. Wearing the Scavenger Mask prevents that and is also an essential item for the final boss, Heir.

Once users have obtained the Scavenger Mask, they may progress through the area until they get to mine tracks. A drawbridge needs to be lowered before they can cross and get the last defense upgrade.

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