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The FUT 17 SBC will be essential for many FIFA 23 players to maximize the swap rewards (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 FUT 17 SBC - How to complete, estimated cost, and more

FIFA 23 players have one more resource-item challenge on their hands, with the FUT 17 SBC's release in Ultimate Team. EA Sports' tradition of releasing Squad Building Challenges that offer important resources has continued for the third straight night as of March 26. With FUT Birthday Swaps rewards set to go live on March 27, tonight’s challenge comes with an added incentive in the form of a token.

SBCs that reward resource packs often seem less lucrative than those that directly hand out special cards. However, these challenges are cheap and easy to complete, making them ideal to attempt for all players. Veterans can easily complete the FUT 17 SBC for free, while beginners can afford the coins required to do the same.


Let’s now take a look at the tasks associated with tonight’s challenge. This will give players an approximate idea of how many coins they'll need to spend on fodder. Having this estimate will help gamers decide if they should attempt to complete it in the first place.

The FUT 17 SBC will be essential for many FIFA 23 players to maximize Swaps rewards


Since the FUT Birthday promo went live on March 23, EA Sports has offered a resource-item challenge each night. With special cards dedicated to superstars like Pedri and Rivaldo available via SBCs, there’s a strong need for fodder among FIFA 23 players.


EA Sports hasn't done anything unexpected with the FUT 17 SBC, and it features only one task. The conditions associated with it are quite simple, and most should be able to complete the challenge for free.

Task 1 - FUT 17 SBC

  • Nationalities: Min 4
  • Clubs: Min 3
  • Same League count: Max 5
  • Gold players: Min 9
  • Squad total chemistry points: Min 22
  • # of players in the squad: 10

If a FIFA 23 player doesn’t have the fodder needed to beat this challenge, they can get it from the FUT market. This SBC will need fodder worth around 3,600 FUT coins to be completed; spending that amount should be a cakewalk for most.

As of March 26, players have a week to complete tonight’s SBC. Hence, there’s also time for them to grind the necessary items and not depend on the FUT market.


By completing tonight's SBC, players will receive one Premium Electrum Players Pack. It’s a decent in-game reward, but its value will currently be higher thanks to the ongoing FUT Birthday promo. There are some amazing cards that players can obtain by completing this SBC.

An additional FUT Birthday Swaps token is also being offered by this challenge, and it can be redeemed starting tomorrow. There are plenty of different resources that players will be able to exchange for the tokens. With tonight’s SBC being so easy, there’s every reason for the community not to miss out on such extra bonuses in FIFA 23.

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