How to get FIFA 23 FUT Birthday swaps tokens in Ultimate Team?

There will be plenty of rewards available on the FIFA 23 FUT Birthday swaps (Images via EA Sports)
There will be plenty of rewards available on the FIFA 23 FUT Birthday swaps (Images via EA Sports)

If you want to maximize your rewards from the FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Swaps program, the first task will be to earn as many tokens as possible.

The swaps went live earlier on March 20, when the first three tokens became available to the players. But that’s not all, as there will be plenty more for you to earn over the next couple of weeks.

The FUT Birthday promo has finally been confirmed and goes live on March 24. There will be plenty of new cards, including other versions of the icons, and it has created a buzz in the community. Those not eager to wait can already kick off their proceedings with the swaps.

FUT Birthday Swaps will be your go-to destination to improve your squad without spending a lot of resources. EA Sports hasn’t announced all the rewards, but your main priority should be knowing how to earn the tokens.

While you can make the exchange after the full rewards are revealed, a higher number of tokens will allow you to get better rewards in FIFA 23.

Disclaimer: The list will be updated as more tokens become available.

There will be plenty of rewards available on the FIFA 23 FUT Birthday swaps

When it comes to swaps in FIFA 23, they tend to be very popular for different reasons. All swaps usually follow the same pattern, which involves players earning tokens by completing different objectives, SBCs, and more.

These tokens are then exchanged for rewards, which include special cards, resources, and in-game packs.

There are three FUT Birthday Swaps that you can collect immediately. All three of them are available via different methods:

  • Token 1 – Magnusson: Available as a free login reward you can get by starting Ultimate Team.
  • Token 2 – Ementa: Complete the FGS Challenge 10 SBC.
  • Token 3 – Oduah: From an in-game pack.

Getting the first one will be the easiest, as all you need to do is log into your Ultimate Team account. The FGS Challenge 10 SBC has a certain completion cost, but it can be done for free if you have the necessary amount of fodder in FIFA 23.

The third one is the most expensive of all the available ones at the moment, as the pack costs 90,000 FUT coins. However, there are more items in the pack, so you won’t be spending it just for the FUT Birthday Swaps token.

You can get up to 30 tokens over the duration of the event. Additional ones will be made available via different methods, so be on the lookout for them. You’ll be able to exchange them starting March 27, when the rewards are revealed.

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