FIFA 23 FGS Challenge 10 SBC: How to complete, expected costs, and more

FGS Challenge 10 is live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
FGS Challenge 10 is live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

The much-anticipated FUT Birthday promo will soon begin in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. To that effect, EA Sports has already revealed a comprehensive Swaps system that will span over the duration of the event. While the entire gallery of rewards on offer is yet to be disclosed, one can expect exciting untradeable packs and player items to be up for grabs.


The first token of FUT Birthday Swaps is provided to players for free when they log into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The second token can be unlocked via an SBC, which also marks the return of competitive FIFA Esports. The SBC is aptly titled FGS Challenge 10, heralding the upcoming Global Series event being organized by EA Sports.

The FGS Challenge 10 SBC offers a FUT Birthday Swap token in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FGS Challenge SBCs have been a frequent recurrence in FIFA 23, with the developers adding a new version before every major competitive FIFA event. Not only does this draw attention to these events, it also provides players with enticing packs in FUT.

However, the FGS Challenge 10 SBC is unique, as it comes with an additional benefit. Players can get their hands on the coveted FUT Birthday Swap token by completing the SBC. This is one of the 30 tokens in total that will be released over the course of the event, and players can redeem these for exciting, untradeable rewards beginning on March 27.

How to complete the FGS Challenge 10 SBC?


The SBC consists of a single segment with the following stipulations:

  • Leagues: Maximum four
  • Nationalities: Maximum five
  • Players from the same club: Maximum three
  • Gold players: Minimum six
  • Rare players: Minimum three
  • Team chemistry: Minimum 26

The overall expected cost of the SBC is around 4,000 coins, with the group reward being a FUT Birthday Swap token and a Small Rare Gold Players pack.

Is it worth completing the SBC?


The pack on offer in the FGS Challenge 10 SBC is a Small Rare Gold Players pack, which has a value of 25,000 FUT coins in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Store. This alone makes the SBC a worthwhile proposition.

However, the main reason for completing the SBC is the availability of the all-important Swaps token. EA Sports has already revealed two of the reward options on offer in FUT Birthday Swaps, including a FUT Birthday Team 1 Player Pack and a Ten 85+ Players Pack for three and ten tokens respectively.

Based on previous implementations of the Swaps system in FIFA 23, players should try and get their hands on as many of these tokens as possible to redeem them for exciting rewards beginning on March 27.

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