FIFA 23 leak hints at FUT Birthday coming up in Ultimate Team, will include swaps program

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday promo is likely to succeed Fantasy FUT cards (Images via EA Sports, Twitter/FIFA 23 Leaks(
FIFA 23 FUT Birthday promo is likely to succeed Fantasy FUT cards (Images via EA Sports, Twitter/FIFA 23 Leaks)

If the latest leaks are to be believed, the FUT Birthday promo could be coming up soon in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The information comes from community leaker FIFA 23 Leaks, who posted it on their social media account. What could certainly make it even more exciting is the potential chance for a swaps program.

Players are enjoying the ongoing Fantasy FUT promo, which has introduced the first part of the new content. Another team of special cards are awaited in the near future, offering more options to players. SBCs and objectives have also been made available to the community if they don't want to rely on packs.

As great as things look, it could all become even better if the latest rumors are true. It has been known that FUT Birthday could arrive in FIFA 23. Datamined information has shown the presence of an official card template in the game files, and the latest rumors will certainly galvanize those claims.

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday promo is likely to succeed Fantasy FUT cards

March seems to be the month of returning promos from FIFA 22, which started with the Showdown Series. This was followed by the release of the Fantasy FUT Team 1 cards that went live on March 3. It's been confirmed that the current promo will be a two-team affair, which will be replaced by the FUT Birthday.

The eagerly-awaited promo will return from a prior success in FIFA 22 and aim to have a bigger success. It will certainly feature some special cards that will light up the promo and the Ultimate Team squad of players.

It could also be a two-team affair, providing greater options to the players. The bulk of the special cards will be available in the packs, while objectives and SBCs are also likely to contain some of these special cards.


FUT Birthday is also rumored to contain swap programs, which are always popular among the FIFA 23 community. These programs offer different rewards, including valuable packs and promo items. Players have to grind different objectives and related events to earn tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged to get different rewards.

The onus on players will be to earn as many tokens as possible since that will directly impact the quality of the rewards. What kind of rewards will be included in the swaps program remains to be seen. The upcoming promo will go live in FIFA 23 on March 17, taking over from Fantasy FUT content.

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