5 best FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT Heroes to use in Ultimate Team

These are the best Fantasy FUT Heroes in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
These are the best Fantasy FUT Heroes in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

EA Sports has released the Fantasy FUT promo in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, including a roster of boosted FUT Heroes. These cards are dynamic in nature and receive upgrades based on the real-life performances of their designated teams. While regular Fantasy FUT items can be upgraded based on the performance of the team as well as the individual, Fantasy FUT Heroes can only receive team-based boosts.

FUT Heroes are regarded as some of the most coveted cards in FIFA 23 due to their overpowered nature on the virtual pitch. These retired footballers are local legends in their respective leagues, and their latest special versions can be upgraded based on the form of the clubs they used to play for.

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These are the best Fantasy FUT Heroes in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

1) David Ginola


As the headlining card of the entire roster, it comes as no surprise that David Ginola is included on this list. His base FUT Hero card is regarded as one of the best attackers in the game, and the latest Fantasy FUT version is even more enticing. His abilities on the virtual pitch are reflected in his price, as he is currently worth over 12 million coins in the FIFA 23 transfer market.

Not only does this card possess the coveted combination of five-star skill moves and a five-star weak foot, but he has also shifted leagues from Ligue 1 to the Premier League. With Newcastle United being in the running for a top-four finish in the league table, he could potentially be upgraded further, making him even more enticing for gamers in FIFA 23.

2) Abedi Pele


Despite having the same rating as Ginola, Abedi Pele often goes under the radar when it comes to meta cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. His base FUT Hero item has the pace, dribbling, and passing skills to be an excellent attacking midfielder in the current meta of the game, but his boosted Fantasy FUT card has elevated him to a whole new level.

Representing Lyon in Ligue 1, Pele has a strong chance of receiving further upgrades as well. He is currently worth around 1.9 million coins, which is indicative of how effective he is in-game. Not only is he an amazing attacker, but he also offers incredible chemistry links, especially with Ligue 1 being one of the most popular leagues in FIFA 23.

3) Joan Capdevila


Capdevila's base FUT Hero card was not preferred by gamers due to his lack of pace. However, the attribute boost allotted to him during the World Cup Heroes promo transformed him into arguably the best left-back in the entire game. His latest Fantasy FUT card is even better when it comes to key stats and will rival Team of the Year Theo Hernandez when it comes to in-game ability.

His upgrades are based on Villareal's performance in La Liga. The Yellow Submarines are currently competing for a top-four finish in the league table and will likely ensure at least one upgrade for Capdevila in FIFA 23.

4) Ivan Cordoba


Despite being rather short for a center-back, Ivan Cordoba was regarded as one of the finest defensive enforcers in Serie A during his playing days for Inter. His abilities have been reflected accurately in FIFA 23, especially with his Fantasy FUT card being boosted even further.

Cordoba is currently worth around 1.6 million coins in the transfer market, which is a testament to how sought-after he is amongst FUT fans. Serie A is extremely overpowered in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, making this Hero item even more enticing for gamers due to the new chemistry system.

5) Harry Kewell


Harry Kewell was a new addition to the FUT Hero roster in FIFA 23. The Australian forward earned a reputation for being one of the most dynamic and creative players in the league during his days at Leeds United, which is rather fitting as his Fantasy FUT item is linked to the real-life performances of the Premier League club.

Kewell's base and World Cup versions are both popular with gamers due to their high pace, shooting, and dribbling statistics. With the impressive stat boost allotted to this latest promo card, his price of one million coins is rather justified. However, with Leeds being in a relegation battle in the Premier League, upgrades might be hard to come by for this Hero item.

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