FIFA 23 transfer market - How to use, features, and more

The FUT market allows players to acquire different items and sell what they don
The FUT market allows players to acquire different items and sell what they don't need (Images via EA Sports)

Like the real-life football world, FIFA 23 has its transfer market that allows players to buy and sell footballers of their own free will. While the feature is limited to a particular game mode, players must improve their squad.

Popularly known as the FUT market, it offers players the chance to alter their squads in the Ultimate Team mode. This is one of the most important tasks for players as they constantly need to upgrade and improve their teams. Not every card can be obtained from packs or challenges.

Players also receive cards that are not good for their teams. Selling them on the market allows them to earn many required resources in the game.

While the feature might seem complex initially, it's straightforward to use. The process is relatively simple and no different from other items' markets. That said, players can easily miss certain key nuances in FIFA 23. Given how important coins are, using the market properly can help save a lot of important resources for the players.

The FUT market in FIFA 23 has several uses and allows players the chance to improve their squads

The FUT market has several uses for FIFA 23 and will be a permanent destination for Ultimate Team enthusiasts. It can be accessed from within the game and the Web and Companion app. The market allows players to register, buy and sell the cards of footballers.

Using it is relatively easy - players must register a card they want to sell. They will have to sell at the starting price from which the sale will start and a buy-now price. Anyone who triggers the buy now price will avoid all deadlines and instantly get the card. Players will then have to set the auction duration, and the card will be put on sale.


To get a card, FIFA 23 players must search for the card they're looking for. They will then have to bid with their in-game coins to get the card and outmatch other bidders. Alternatively, they can pay the buy-now price and avoid the tensions of an auction. It will also allow them to instantly add the cards to the squad without waiting for the stipulated period to be over.

Players can also acquire cosmetic items from card footballers to personalize their teams. This includes stadium items like balls, kits, and more. The market also offers important resources like contracts and position modifiers. Players might not always have it in their collections, and the market solves their problems in this regard.


Interestingly, the FUT market is a favorite of those in FIFA 23 who love to do daily trading. The game, in recent times, has become a good scope for investment as players like to get cards for cheap and sell them for profit.

Trading is a whole different concept and takes a lot of time and understanding of the market dynamics in the game. It also requires constant monitoring of live prices as they change frantically. Nevertheless, it's an added feature that benefits many players and allows them to earn coins regularly.