FIFA 23 guide: How to buy and sell players on the FUT market

The art of buying and selling in FUT 23 (Image via EA Sports)
The art of buying and selling in FUT 23 (Image via EA Sports)

Like its predecessors, the FUT market in FIFA 23 is a global auction-based marketplace for the buying and selling of players and other Ultimate Team items.

Buyers who want a specific card need to place bids in the marketplace. The highest bidder gets to take home the card at the end of the bidding period.

The FUT market is a core aspect of the game and must be handled with care. Players who make thoughtful decisions in buying and selling players will be the ones completing the objectives and SBCs faster. This will, in turn, give them access to much better player cards, allowing them to field higher-quality teams.

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A beginner's guide to FIFA 23 FUT Transfer Market

Owners of FIFA 23 can use the in-game FUT feature to access the marketplace. However, they can also use the Web app or the Companion App to fully employ the feature on either a web browser or a mobile phone.

Keeping the marketplace close is important because players can earn coins by trading items. They can then use them to improve their own squads by investing in players and other items.

How to sell player cards in FUT 23

Considering that the marketplace is based on an auction system, you can primarily sell cards by putting them up for auction. Another option is to 'Quick Sell,' which might be faster but yields drastically fewer coins in most cases.

Being patient and listing cards in the FIFA 23 marketplace is a much smarter way to sell cards.


After logging in to your account in-game, follow these steps to put any player or item up for sale:

  1. Select the item from FUT Squad or Club.
  2. Press X/Square (For PS/Xbox).
  3. If it is tradeable, select "List on the Transfer Market."
  4. Set your starting price (the price at which the bidding will start).
  5. Set up the Buy Now price and duration (in designated hours) before confirming.

Once done successfully, the card will be listed on the FUT marketplace. The Buy Now option is an alternative to bidding on the card. If buyers so choose, they can immediately purchase the card for that money. So do state your price carefully.

If the starting price is too high, no one will bid. If it is too low, it might not go up as high as it would have. Always try to compare your card's existing price on the FIFA 23 market before listing it.

Note: Once listed on the market, the listing cannot be canceled. Only unsold cards may be returned to a player when the duration expires.

How to buy cards in FUT 23

Buying a specific card in the marketplace is also going to be an exercise in bidding.

This time, you have to find what you are looking for from the Transfers Menu. You may want to buy a card for a number of reasons β€” to strengthen your squad, make monetary investments, and complete SBCs.

Follow these instructions to buy a player card in FIFA 23:

  1. Go to Transfers from the FUT main menu.
  2. Select Transfer Market.
  3. In the Player Tab, choose filter from a variety of parameters to find a player of your liking.
  4. After setting filters like quality, pricing, and league, hit Search.
  5. Listings matching the query should pop out, and you can start bidding.

Like in real life, EA levies taxes on each transaction in the marketplace. For every sale on the platform, EA charges a 5% FUT tax. Player cards may also be tradeable or untradeable. As the name implies, some cards may not be traded in the marketplace.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition owners have had access to the game since September 27, 2022. Standard Edition owners will have to wait until September 30, 2022, for the game's full release across all platforms.

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