How to check FIFA 23 player ratings outside the game

The player ratings of the top 100 cards have been revealed (Image via EA Sports)
The player ratings of the top 1000 cards have been revealed (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 will be the next attempt by EA Sports to provide the authentic football experience the franchise has come to be known for over the years. The game's release is still some time away as it will launch worldwide on September 30 across all platforms.

That doesn't mean that enthusiasts will have to wait until the last day of September to check the stats of their favorite footballers as EA Sports has already released detailed ratings of the top 1000. Additionally, gamers can check all the detailed stats and start to plan how to build their squad in advance.

Checking the FIFA 23 payer ratings is pretty straightforward as it doesn't require anything elaborate. One doesn't have to pre-order or own a game copy to check them. All they need is a functional website and a mobile device/PC to complete the job. This process is extremely helpful as it doesn't require them to log into the game.

Gamers can access FIFA 23 player ratings of the top 1000 cards


The ratings in FIFA 23 will be of a lot of importance, given that they determine how a card will play. Great footballers usually get higher ratings, and EA Sports try to replicate them as close to real life as possible. This year also brings some exciting player ratings, many of which have been revealed over the last few evenings.

To check the player ratings in FIFA 23, enthusiasts must ensure a few precursors. They will require an internet connection as the ratings are available on the EA Sports website. Additionally, any standard browser will work as long as it has Adobe Flash enabled.

Step 1: Open the browser and click here.

Step 2: You will be taken directly to the page which contains all the ratings.

Step 3: The detailed stats will be revealed by clicking on the "+" sign beside a footballer.

Step 4: Additionally, the footballers' names can be typed in the search box if they're not visible up front.

Start planning your Ultimate Team πŸ”See the Top 1000 #FIFARatings in #FIFA23 ➑️

That's all a person will need to do to determine the detailed FIFA 23 player ratings. This time, there are some terrific cards as five footballers have achieved the highest overall.

Aside from the top cards, gamers could be interested in some other brilliant names.

Which footballer has the highest FIFA 23 player ratings?

The top spot in the game is rated at 91, and five champion footballers have retained their spots. Lionel Messi's overall might have decreased from what it was in FIFA 22, but he's still at the top. His PSG clubmate Kylian Mbappe has received a boost from his previous rating to join him at the top.

The world's best in the World's Game 🌍The #FIFA23 Top 23 have landed πŸ™Œ

The Belgian magician, Kevin De Bruyne, has finally been done justice in terms of player ratings. Then there are the forwards of Real Madrid and Barcelona - Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski.

Aside from these five, there are 995 other cards whose ratings can now be accessed. It will be interesting to see how the numbers will reflect in the actual game engine.

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