5 best FIFA 23 tips to earn more FUT coins (March 2023)

Grind out more and more FUT coins (Image via EA Sports)
Grind out more and more FUT coins (Image via EA Sports)

For avid FIFA 23 players, building the Ultimate Team is a never-ending quest. To achieve this goal, they must have enough FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) coins to purchase better cards and improve their squad's overall performance.

Earning FUT coins in FIFA 23 is no easy feat. It takes time, patience, and strategy to accumulate a significant amount of coins.

From completing Squad Building Challenges to participating in every game mode, there are several ways to earn FUT coins in the game. By implementing some of these methods, you can increase your chances of building a stronger team and winning more matches.

To help you with your quest, here are some valuable tips on how to earn more FUT coins.

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Using Bronze Pack method and other great ways to grind more FUT coins in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

1) Trade special cards


One viable method to accumulate more FUT coins in FIFA 23 is to trade special cards, including special cards like Meta or TOTW cards. Due to their rarity and high demand, these special cards tend to command a premium price on the transfer market.

To maximize your profits, seek out undervalued cards and purchase them at a lower rate at a certain time. Wait for the weekend league to begin or their value to increase before selling them for a higher price.

This approach requires pretty careful monitoring of market trends and a keen eye for identifying special cards with significant profit potential. By executing this strategy successfully, one can generate substantial income in the FUT transfer market.

2) Use bulk trading method


A generally popularized method for bidding on specific cards in FIFA 23 is the bulk bidding approach. This tactic involves placing numerous low bids on a specific card or set of cards. It is most effective when utilized for less popular cards, as the competition is pretty low there.

Through this strategy, you can secure several types of cards at a lower cost and later sell them for a profit on the FUT transfer market.

This method is widely used among experienced traders and is a proven way to maximize FUT coins. It is important to note that you have to acquire the desired cards at a low price and sell them accordingly.

3) Use Bronze Pack method


The Bronze Pack method in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team involves purchasing bronze packs and selling FUT items like contracts, position modifiers, and high-in-demand bronze players on the transfer market.

Though individual cards may not hold significant value at first, the potential for profit can grow over time and dime.

By being patient in the market and waiting for prices to rise, you may find yourself turning a tidy profit from the seemingly insignificant bronze cards.

4) Complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)


Completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) is a savvy strategy for earning FUT coins and other rewards in FIFA 23. These challenges task you with constructing a squad that meets certain specific criteria. Upon completion, you can earn lucrative rewards in the form of coins, player packs, and other useful game items.

By utilizing the SBCs segment, you can bolster your Ultimate Team with better players and virtual assets, thereby increasing your chances of success.

With each SBC you successfully complete, you not only reap the rewards regularly but also sharpen your squad-building skills and increase your knowledge of the game.

5) Play more matches in Ultimate Team


Playing matches in FIFA 23 is a straightforward and sustainable way to earn FUT coins. Each match you complete will earn you coins and experience, with the amount varying based on your performance and the difficulty level selected by you. Additional FUT coins can be obtained by completing challenges and objectives within every game mode.

It is important to note that this method requires time and effort, as the number of coins earned will be proportional to the number of matches you have played.

Therefore, players who are committed to maximizing their FUT coins in FIFA 23 should strive to complete as many matches as possible and aim for every game mode to increase their rewards.

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