FIFA 23 Marquee Matchups SBC (March 23): How to complete, expected cost, and more

Marquee Matchups is live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
Marquee Matchups is live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

The latest set of Marquee Matchups has been released in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, featuring a unique FUT Birthday-themed twist that celebrates this upcoming promo. Not only does this batch of SBCs offer the usual tradeable packs, they also allow gamers to get their hands on an all-important FUT Birthday Swap token. This item can be acquired by completing one of the batch's segments.

Marquee Matchups have been an integral part of Ultimate Team since the inception of SBCs back in FIFA 17. While their profitability has varied over the years, they are still an incredibly cost-effective way for fans to get their hands on a wide variety of special packs.

Marquee Matchups are now available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Marquee Matchups is a weekly recurring SBC set in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, featuring some of the most hyped matches across the top European leagues. However, with domestic football being suspended due to the international break, the latest batch of the challenge consists of high-profile international games instead.


The SBC consists of four individual segments with the following stipulations:

Denmark v Finland

  • Number of players from Denmark + Number of players from Finland: Minimum one
  • Clubs: Minimum four
  • Same nation count: Minimum three
  • Squad rating: Minimum 73
  • Team chemistry: Minimum 14

Spain v Norway

  • Number of players from Spain + Number of players from Norway: Minimum one
  • Nationalities: Minimum three
  • Same club count: Maximum five
  • Squad rating: Minimum 75
  • Team chemistry: Minimum 18

France v Netherlands

  • Number of players from France + Number of players from the Netherlands: Minimum two
  • Leagues: Minimum two
  • Clubs: Maximum six
  • Rare players: Minimum one
  • Squad rating: Minimum 77
  • Team chemistry: Minimum 22

Italy v England

  • Number of players from Italy: Minimum one
  • Number of players from England: Minimum one
  • Same league count: Minimum four
  • Rare players: Minimum one
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 79
  • Team chemistry: Minimum 26

The overall expected cost of the SBC is around 20,000 FUT coins, which was expected considering the price of low-rated gold fodder cards in the FIFA 23 transfer market.

This international match week features some of the most prominent squads in the world. Not only will fans get to witness a rematch of the previous Euros final with Italy and England facing off, they will also be treated to a high-quality game between France and the Netherlands.

Is it worth completing the SBC?


FIFA 23 gamers can unlock a tradeable Mega pack by completing the entire SBC set, as well as various smaller packs from the individual segments. This alone makes the challenge a worthwhile proposition. However, its most appealing aspect is the FUT Birthday Swap token on offer, which will allow gamers to unlock enticing untradeable rewards from March 27 onwards.

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