FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Swaps goes live in Ultimate Team - Rewards reveal date, available tokens, and more

The FUT Birthday Swaps could be a gamechanger for many FIFA 23 players (Images via EA Sports)
The FUT Birthday Swaps could be a gamechanger for many FIFA 23 players (Images via EA Sports)

The FUT Birthday Swaps is officially live in FIFA 23 as of March 20, with the first token having arrived in Ultimate Team. This comes prior to the launch of the full promo, which has also been confirmed by EA Sports. While details are yet to be revealed, the developers have provided important information surrounding the swaps.

The swaps program makes its first return since Future Stars. Such additions tend to be popular as they increase the potential rewards. Much of those are freely available to those who require them to grind different objectives and challenges.

As of writing, FIFA 23 players will have to wait to learn about the rewards. However, EA Sports has officially confirmed how many tokens will be up for grabs. The exact process of earning these has also been mentioned, along with two interesting rewards.

The FUT Birthday Swaps could be a game-changer for many FIFA 23 players

The FUT Birthday promo has typically been quite popular with those who have been eagerly waiting for its return. New cards will be available in packs, SBCs, and objectives starting Friday, March 24, when the promo goes live.

Those eager to get a headstart can complete the first swaps token SBC that’s currently live in Ultimate Team. It offers one of the thirty FUT Birthday Swaps tokens that will be up for grabs over the upcoming weeks. EA Sports has clearly mentioned all the different ways in which these tokens can be earned.

  • Select campaign objectives, First Owner Fiesta, and Silver Stars.
  • Different Squad Building Challenges including Marquee Matchups.
  • Moments Star Gallery.
  • Different packs in the FUT store.

While the FUT Birthday Swaps is already underway, players must wait till March 27 before they can redeem the tokens. This is the same date when the full list of rewards will be revealed. It’s safe to assume that a higher number of tokens will enable them to earn a better set of rewards.

Speaking of rewards in the FUT Birthday swaps, two of them have been confirmed. FIFA 23 players will be able to get a FUT Birthday Team 1 pack for as little as three tokens. Those willing to grind more can test their luck with the 85+ OVR x10 pack that will be available for 10 tokens.

Overall, there are some exciting times coming up for the community. It also remains to be seen which footballers will get their special cards included in the FUT Birthday promo.

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