5 best tips to earn more rewards in FIFA 23 Squad Battles (March 2023)

Squad Battle rewards (Image via EA Sports)
Squad Battle rewards (Image via EA Sports)

If you love playing FIFA 23 but aren't too fond of going head-to-head against other players in Ultimate Team mode, Squad Battles might be right up your alley. This mode ensures that the stress of facing an online opponent doesn't creep in, as it's designed to match up against the adjustable CPU AI.

In FIFA 23 Squad Battles, winning can be tough, especially at higher difficulty levels. But the good news is that if you overcome the obstacles, some great rewards await you.

If you're ready to take on the challenge, here's a rundown of the Squad Battle rewards and how to claim them.

FIFA 23: Progress in FUT Squad Battles Season 5 with these tips

If you want to level up your Squad Battle rewards in FIFA 23, look no further than the game mode itself. Squad Battles not only provide you with excellent practice, but the time you spend in this mode can also deliver more resources to enhance your squad.

5) Score at least five goals


Scoring five goals per match can be a highly effective strategy to boost your rewards in FIFA 23 Squad Battles. Scoring more goals can earn you bonus points, significantly increasing your rewards.

However, it's important to note that scoring should not come at the cost of jeopardizing your defense. Maintaining a solid defense and keeping a clean sheet to boost points is crucial.

4) Tactics that suit your playstyle


When playing Squad Battles in FIFA 23, it's important to use a formation that suits your style of play. It's also essential to remember that the AI in Squad Battles is pre-selected based on individual preferences, so playing authentically can help you avoid falling into predictable patterns.

When attacking, quick touches inside the box can effectively create space and opportunities to score. However, taking shots from a distance can also be a viable strategy, particularly if the opposing goalkeeper is playing aggressively or you have a player with great long shots.

It's also important to use formations and tactics that suit your style of play and avoid predictable patterns. Balancing your defense with a solid midfield and a quick, decisive attack can be effective, and using quick touches and shots from a distance can help create scoring opportunities.

3) Select the difficulty level accordingly


Choosing the right difficulty level is crucial to succeeding in FIFA 23 Squad Battles. If you have a low-rated squad, it's recommended that you choose a higher difficulty level, such as Legendary or World-Class. Doing this will earn more points per match, even if you lose the game.

However, if you're playing against a highly-rated squad, choosing a lower difficulty level, such as Professional, is best. This will give you a better chance of winning and earning more points. It's important to strike a balance between difficulty and win probability to maximize your rewards.

2) Build your squad for relevant objectives


In addition to the tips mentioned earlier, building your squad according to your objectives is also key to earning more rewards in Squad Battles. Each week and season, there are different objectives that you must complete to earn bonus points.

You can earn more points by building your squad with players who fit the objectives. Try out players from your club and increase your chances of earning better rewards in FIFA 23.

1) Selecting teams with lower ratings


In Squad Battles, you can refresh your opponents and select a different team to play against. This can be a useful feature if you find yourself facing extremely difficult opponents or struggling to score goals.

When selecting teams to play, going for lower-rated teams is recommended to increase your chances of success and less stressful in-game time. However, it's also important to juggle between difficulty and rewards to maximize your points and payouts.

It is crucial to be mindful of the feature squads in Squad Battles, which are typically much higher rated than regular opponents. While these squads offer the potential for higher rewards in FIFA 23, they can also be extremely challenging to beat. Therefore, assessing your skills and selecting a difficulty level you're comfortable with when facing feature squads is paramount.

Take time to strategize, experiment with different teams and difficulty levels, and remember to have fun.

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